Top 5 The Best Travel Trailer Covers Reviews (Updated June 2020)

The important tips you need to know about choosing a trailer cover and a list of products you can choose from.

These trailer covers come with cheap insurance and it allows you to spend a shorter amount of time to maintain it, and you will have more time vacating. These covers can be used for the entire RV from the top all the way to the bottom so your RV is given great protection against external elements like wind, rain, sun, and snow. It does not matter if you parked it in the frozen north during summer, a cover for RVs will keep your travel trailer compared to having completely no cover.

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It is because the price of repairing the exterior of your RV is a lot whether it is a roof repair, paint job, or window treatment. In case your RV gets exposed to different elements for a long time, you cannot avoid these repairs. Covering the RV and keeping it away from damage is a lot cheaper. You also do not need to often spend on exterior washes and keep the resale value of your RV.

Before Buying a Trailer Cover, You Need to Know How to Choose One

Type of Trailer Cover

This is the first step to narrowing down the choices you have when buying RV covers because you need to know what kind of RV you have because they are all not the same. A cover bought for a class A motorhome is not like the one you use for truck campers, the trailer for traveling or other models. For you to protect the trailer you have, all you have to do is to buy covers that are perfect for the body style of your RV.


Water Protection

Another main reason why you need a trailer cover is to protect it from water damage. Make sure that the cover you will choose will provide good weather protection. While your travel trailer is in storage, neglected for a couple of weeks and sometimes months, water will get to it and damage your RV. Especially if you are parked in an area where there is a lot of snow, the issue can become bigger because of freezing cycles and thawing. Any size of crack will be covered with water and when this freezes, it can also lead to expansion, so there will be larger cracks. This is a process that can happen several times during winter, and before you are aware of it, there is already a major leak and crucial water damage.

Size of The RV

Knowing the correct size of your RV will make it possible for you to buy one that will fit perfectly. The best way on how you can do this is to use your hand to measure the RV that comes from both ends. You also need to be sure that everything is included in your measurements, similar to the pumpers, racks, mirrors and ladders. When you already have the perfect measurements, you can look for the cover size. Make sure that the cover you will buy is not too big because it will only make covering the RV harder for you. A loose RV cover will only invite critters in.

It Can Block Sunlight

The sunlight is not in your favor either because the UV rays are known to deteriorate plastic like the plastic roof that covers the vents. The sealant, putty tape, rubber, calking and latex are all going to become dry and deteriorate quicker under the sunlight. This indicates that there is more maintenance to be done. Over time, the exterior finish of your trailer will also fade. If the sun’s rays enter your RV through the window, it will make the shades, furniture, and carpeting fade. If the cover can block sunlight, your travel trailer will remain cooler and this will stop any damage that can happen because of a build-up of excessive heat inside.



The kind of fabric you will choose is based on the kind of climate in the area where the RV will be stored. Different fabrics will offer their own kind of protection against climate.

Top 5 Travel Trailer Covers Reviews

1. ADCO 52244 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover

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The length of the cover is 15' - 37' that offers trailer protection using ADCO’s designer series SFS AquaShed RV for your RV. The cover is designed for balanced climates with a lot of moisture. There are 3 layers made of polypropylene sides that have a unique contemporary ADCO aesthetic feature. It can greatly reduce the premature RV aging and helps in maintaining the original resale value of your RV. The dimensions are 25 x 1 x 1” and the weight is 5 pounds. The product has a full manufacturer’s warranty for the labor.


  • Installing the cover on my RV trailer was easy
  • The material seems to be very durable that it is going to last for years
  • I find the price to be reasonable for the quality of the cover
  • My trailer is well-protected against the harmful elements because it fits greatly
  • There were strong winds that came, but the cover stayed on the trailer without any problem
  • The tie down system works great


  • The clip was broken when I received it so I had to send it back to them for replacement, but everything was good after that

I was looking for a cover that does not cost too much for the durability it offers and I did not make a mistake when I bought this. I know it will last for years and I recommend it to everyone.

2. Camco 45743 28' ULTRAGuard Class C/Travel Trailer Cover

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This is a product that is perfect for regions that are cold and snowy. There are a triple layer SFS top panel water beads that have maximum resistance to snow and rainfall. The polypropylene heavy-duty fabric sides are self-adjusting and can hold down the strap system. The well-made zippers make way for simple access to storage and doors that have a cover. It can fit a 28’ Class C/ Travel Trailer RV and the measurements are 108 x 102” The product dimensions are 30.4 x 25 x 12.2” and the weight is 34 pounds.


  • It handled the weather just fine and protected my trailer well from snow
  • I have been using it for 2 years and the cover still has the same quality
  • Fits like a glove on my travel trailer
  • The design is good enough to take on any strong wind so I do not worry if there is a storm coming
  • This is a cover that I will buy again when I need to replace it years after
  • Made with heavy seams and good corners
  • The tie down straps are perfect and they could be taller so the sides are well-covered


  • Their customer support could be a little more accommodating

It is a cover that is enough to cover the RV against harsh weather conditions and I’ve had it for 2 years without seeing any changes in quality so I know it will last. It is a product I highly recommend and would buy again.

3. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover or Toy Hauler Cover

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It Can fit travel trailers that are 18’ to 20’ long, with a height of 118” from the ground to the roof. The RV accessories can be adjusted using the rear and front panels and the stretchable hem corners make the fit customizable. The air vent lowers wind lofting and moisture inside. The triple ply Poly PRO 3 keep the snow, dirt, nicks, scratches and rain out.

There are an integrated rope attachment system and a bag that keeps it from crawling under the RV. You will not have a hard time accessing RV doors and engine because of the zippered panels. The warranty of the camper cover comes with a 3-year warranty so I am confident that it will last for years. The dimensions are 246 x 102 x 104” and the weight is 25 pounds.


  • It can survive through 50 mph winds or higher
  • The cover arrived on time so I was able to use it right away on the day I was planning to
  • The material is very good and it is a cover that will be very useful because the fit is customizable
  • Instructions are accurate and easy to follow that’s why setting up did not take much time
  • It stayed on through a lot of strong winds and storms
  • It is clearly very durable


  • The instructions need a little improvement, but everything else is easy

It does everything that I expect it to that’s why I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you are living in an area where winds can get very strong.

4. Expedition by Eevelle Travel Trailer Cover - Fits 17' to 18' Long Trailers

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The product comes with a warranty of 3 years and the multiple zippered panels for simple access towards the front, back and sides are great for using the cover. There is a storage bag and ladder cap included in the package. The cover has an unlimited strength for guaranteed durability so it can last for years.

The dimensions of the product are 25.8 x 18.7 x 17.5” and the weight is 25.2 pounds. If you want to know more about the warranty, you can request it from their customer service because this product has one of the best among them.


  • The cover was given a great price and it matches the quality
  • It can hold up even under bad weather and heavy snow
  • My trailer is well-covered and I know that it will not fly away
  • The cover fits well on my small trailer and nothing is going to go through that can harm the exterior
  • The product arrived as expected because it was on time and nothing was missing
  • I found the cover to be more sturdy compared to what people say
  • I like the patch kit that was included when it arrived


  • I don’t like the tie down setup, but still a good cover

If you are particular with the tie down setup, this one needs improvement. Although that is a minor concern and it is still a good cover overall and I did not regret buying this.

5. Leader Accessories Blue Travel Trailer Rv Cover Fits Trailer Camper

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It can fit 16’ – 18’ RV trailer and the size is 220 x 102 x 104” The polypropylene fabric is able to keep the rain and snow away while one layer of polypropylene side fabric can vent the vapor out. There are several zippered panels for easy front and back sides access.

The provided air vents lessen the wind impact and can vent the moisture out. There are anti-hit reflective panels to increase safety at night and while you are parking. The dimensions of the product are 26 x 21 x 21 and the weight is 28 pounds.


  • It is surely made of excellent material with strong straps and elastics
  • My trailer is protected from the wind and alley
  • The customizable fit is perfect for my trailer
  • I like the rear door because I can just unzip it and my camper stays dry all the time
  • The cover stays on even if the wind is not cooperating


  • I find the zipper to be a bit small, but still works fine for me

This is a cover that has a minor issue, which is the size of the zipper so it is definitely worth buying again. You can always change the zipper if you really find it too small.

Buying an RV cover is important because you need to protect it from everything harmful around it. Take into consideration what you need to look for in a cover and the products you can choose from.

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