Top 5 Best Travel Trailer Tires Reviews (Updated June 2020)

Most of the time, the overlooked items on an RV that is towable are the kind of tires to use. A lot of the travel trailers or the 5th wheel ones are hardly enough for the load being carried because a lot of manufacturers use low-quality tires to save on costs. To make sure that tires can handle the RV you are driving, there are certain things to consider before buying them.

There are considerations needed to be made before investing because if you are on the road and the tires get damaged, there is a chance that you might have an accident. This is especially important if there are people riding with you and the safety of their trip depends on you. Investing in good tires now is going to save you from a lot of money in the future.

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What To Consider When Buying Travel Trailer Tires

The tongue weight of the trailer

The tongue weight pertains to the downloaded force that the trailer tongue applies to the trailer hitch of the tow vehicle. The tongue weight is given by the trailer’s weight, the load, and the Maximum Gross Towing Weight. This is going to help you find out if you need to have a heavier ply of tires like the light truck, and it is going to need additional air pressure compared to the stock P-metric tires. The heavier ply tires will be adding load capacity and lessen swaying, but you might undergo a more difficult ride when it is unloaded.

Special trailer tires

These tires have an ST in front of the number series on the sidewall. Their design was based on RV trailers. The sidewalls they have are stiffer compared to a passenger (P) or light truck (LT) because they have more flexibility when moving to corners or backing up, and are for extended and towing non-stop. Although, TV tires become a substitute for ST tires if the needed carrying capacity is greater.

Try using a size chart

Every tire brand normally has a chart that will show the sizes and kinds that are available according to what you are looking for. Buying an RV tire that is excessively small or too big could become dangerous for you. Try looking at the size chart made by the brand you prefer because third party charts do not have the best accuracy. This is going to let you see which tires have the wrong size or type.

This depends on the brand because some of the RV tire charts give useful information like a sidewall strength. This factor could be important for your decision since a weak sidewall is going to cause a problem.

The weather you will deal with

The kind of weather you are going to encounter, the types of road you are going to drive on, and how far you will head to during a time all play a role in picking the right tire for your RV. Buying car tires are similar to this because there are also ones made for going high speed, the rain or snow.

The type of tread you need

The kind of tread you require to pull your trailer will differ according to the job. This is where professionals can give suggestions according to the information you give and after examining your tires. For instance, if you are going to pull a camper mostly on the highway, a highway tread with high mileage is going to work appropriately.

If you will use it during the winter months and require more traction, choose tires that have more biting edges. In case you are going to use the trailer for pulling a boat and additional grip is needed for wet launches, you might want to have a trail or all-terrain tire which depend on the boat’s length.

Storage and maintenance

To make sure that the tires you bought are going to last long, you need to give them good storage and maintenance. Use mild soap and water when washing the tires, stay away from tire care products that contain alcohol or distillates of petroleum because they cause deterioration. See if the tires have bulges, punctures or cracks.

When storing the tires, do not put too much weight on them to lessen the air pressure, and they have to be in a cool, dry place. If you are going to store them for a longer period of time, the covers are a good way of protecting them from the sun and other elements. You need to know all about the warranty requirements of the tires in case you have to replace them when you need an issue.

Top 5 Travel Trailer Tires Reviews

1. Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire (2057515)

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The weight rating of the tire is 1820 lbs. and the tire type is only for trailers only. Do not use them for vehicles and the rim diameter of the tires is 15” and the tire’s load range is D = 8 Ply construction. 

The tire size is ST – ST205/75R15. The dimensions are 27. 1 x 27.1 x 8 inches and the weight is 24 pounds. The warranty of the manufacturer is available upon request from the customer service.


  • These are very good tires because of I can see how solid and sturdy they are so I did not make a mistake when I based my decision on how they are advertised
  • I find the tires to be economical and after several uses, they are not yet wearing out
  • The tires track better than some brands and that is why the price is reasonable too
  • I have observed that they hold up great even if the load is really heavy and I have had no problems so far
  • When I ordered them, the shipping was really quick and I had no problems mounting them
  • The most economical tires I have ever bought


  • There is a bulge on the sidewall that appeared after I mounted them, but still works fine

The sturdiest tires I have used for the price I paid for. I would recommend these tires to anyone, and even for hauling boats.

2. 2-Pack Trailer Wheel & Tire #420 ST205/75D15 205/75 D 15" LRC 5 Hole White Spoke

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The wheel type is a steel trailer and the category of the tire is a bias ply. The tire’s use is DOT approved and this tire C kind load range. The count of lugs on these tires are a 5-bolt circle that is 5-4.5” The dimensions of the product are 28 x 16 x 28” and the weight is 72 pounds. The full warranty is given by the manufacturer and you can ask the customer service for more information on this.


  • These tires can be a direct replacement for the equipment given by the factory
  • They ship fast and the price is awesome even if they came from the farther side of the country
  • When I got them, they already had air inside the tire which basically means they are ready to be used right away
  • When I got them, they were everything I envisioned them to be and I am very happy because I chose them over others
  • The delivery is faster than what they will tell you
  • I love the rims because they are perfect for the tires that came with them
  • The tires are exactly like how they are advertised and I would like to give the brand credit for their honesty


  • Not as thick as others, but they appear to be well-made so I think they will hold up pretty well

I recommend these tires to anyone who wants to have a full set right away and want to use them already. You will not be disappointed if you choose this one.

3. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire - 225/75R15 117L

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It has a center groove for continuous tracking and maintained stability and the enhanced shoulder design gives an improved dissipation of heat that results in an extended tread life and also wearing. 

The Nylon overlay is constructed in every size for undeniable strength and top durability to be applied on higher loads. There is a nationwide limited warranty with this product. The dimensions are 28.3 x 28.3 x 8.8 inches and weighing 28 pounds.


  • The tires look very durable and the construction is strong
  • I cannot complain about the price because it is certainly reasonable and the shipping was very prompt
  • The advertisement does not lie because it is exactly how the tires are
  • I was able to mount the tires easily and did not consume a lot of my time
  • Balanced properly without giving me any trouble


  • The sidewalls are a little flimsy, but not a big issue

It is reasonable and a good choice for anyone

4. Set of 2 New Premium Grand Ride Trailer Tires ST 205/75R15 8PR/Load Range D- 11015

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These tires are made of an all-nylon cap with a ply of Grand Ride 8PR ST205/75R15 radial tires for trailers, has an 8 ply rating, with a D load range, and the rim width is 5.5. It has a speed rating of L—75 mph and the load capacity is 2150 lbs. at 651 psi if it is single, and 1870 lbs at 651 psi for dual ones. 

It is a nylon cap ply which is better than most of the other products. The rims are not included and only meant for trailers. It comes with a 1-year warranty that comes from the distributor of the tires. The product dimensions are 28 x 13 x 26” and the weight is 47 pounds.


  • The quality of the tires is more reliable than some of its competitors
  • I like the way they look and works really well
  • These tires are radial for the purpose of saving fuel and stability when swaying
  • The manufacturer priced the tires really well because of the quality they give me
  • Even if the roads are terrible, these tires are the best
  • The delivery time took only 48 hours


  • I received a different size, but they changed it right away

I highly recommend these tires to everyone because they are truly sturdy even on difficult roads.

5. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire - 225/75R15 BSW

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Tires are the only ones included and no wheels are included when you order it and the rating is 10 ply. It has an upgraded tread compound meant for decreasing the rolling resistance to improve the fuel usage and tread durability.

The construction is made of the belt is double steel for more strength and the towing stability of the vehicle. These tires have great absorption of shock while giving a good performance of handling load. The dimensions of the product are 28.3 x 28.3 x 8.9” and the weight is 34.2 pounds.


  • I can say that these tires have more advantage compared to other brands, and I have been buying tires for years
  • They fit perfectly on my travel trailer and I feel secure while driving on the road
  • I experienced very good and prompt shipping by the UPS
  • I can clearly say that they are very well-made and made of durable material
  • They are able to handle a heavy weight of 12,000 lbs. and with the trailer fully loaded
  • These tires last for 1 year and that is twice as long compared to other tire brands
  • I was able to mount them locally without issues
  • The price is very reasonable for the quality I got


  • They were 10 months old when I got them, but it is still a great product

If you are looking for tires that will last longer than most and will give you the quality you are looking for, this is the one for you.

The products listed here have been tested and you will not regret listening to my recommendations, but before buying tires, know what you need to consider first.

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