Top 5 Best Roof Racks For Cars, Trucks & SUV’s Reviews

Since the day when roof racks came out and people started using them, they have become more popular. The enthusiasts of professional sports that use them for carrying equipment on their car and those who bring kayaks and bicycles need to make sure their roof rack is made of excellent quality. You will see that almost any type of vehicle has roof racks on them. In this buying, we will cover the significance of car roof racks and why you should not use others for your vehicle. At one point, the roof you have is going to collapse when there is excessive weight on it. Aside from that, the roof can have a dent and will cave in when the pressure placed on it is too much.

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If you decide to use roof racks for your car, the amount of pressure that is placed on your car is not only at the center but on the vehicle’s frame. Most importantly, the parts that help in keeping the roof from collapsing on its own when it goes upside down. Having a good roof rack will be beneficial since you can place skis, snowboards, kayaks, cargo box, and even a cargo rack.

How to Choose a Roof Rack



This one can adapt to the kind of activity you want to be part of by using the accessories. They let the same rack to that performs in a number of ways. You need to make sure the chosen rack is performing according to what you prefer.

The difference between hard or soft

This depends on the kind of gear you are using, the amount you are willing to spend, and the size of the storage space you have in the house. You need to choose if you want to have a “bag” style that is soft sided or a roof box that is hard-sided.

Cargo bags certainly have their advantages because they are less expensive compared to a roof box, and they are collapsible for easy storage if they are not in use. The drawback is you basically have a soft-sided cooler installed on your roof. These cargo boxes do no offer the same level of durability and weather resistance compared to a cargo box. They also do not have the same aerodynamic shape, which can have an effect on the mileage of your gas.

How many are you planning to carry?

This is a factor that you need to think about. If your car’s roof is wider and flatter that is closer to the ground, this might be the right choice to put a roof rack. Although, if you do not have to take a lot of people with you all the time, you don’t need to consider this. The options for racks on pickup trucks have improved over the years. If you have a smaller pickup that is closer to the ground, then you are fine. It will be easy for you to put all of your gear at the back of the truck and on top of the kayak.

The weight of the roof rack

If you attach the roof rack to an existing one, you need to consider the most weight that you need to carry on the rack. Refer to the car’s manual or contact the manufacturer of the car and tell them what he car rack will be for. If you mount the car rack gutter-less, or along the car’s rain gutters, you need to make sure that it can carry the largest weight.

Choosing between factory fit or aftermarket

If your car comes from the factory with no roof rack attachment points or side rails that have been raised, then you are already advanced. You only have to choose from a wide list of cargo accessories that put adjustable horizontal bars so the rack you are looking for can be created. You will also have an easy time resting, with the knowledge that you will strap the equipment to the sturdiest mounting points that can be for the certain vehicle’s make and model.

If your roof is bare or naked, then you have to order an attachment kit that comes with your universal roof rack. The kit provided can fit on your roof and can clip down onto the rain rails or door jambs so there will become a secure connection with the car. In certain cases, your vehicle can have pre-drilled holes coming from the edge of its roof that can be revealed and used for mounting the system.

The straps and lines

The bow tie downs have to be used all the time when sea kayaks are being carried. You need to pay attention when it comes to caring for the foot straps and ensure to replace them when they are frayed so the kayak you have does not remove itself from the car when you are driving down the road. The hitch knot is the best friend of your car for attempting to tie a bow line to the car’s frame.

Good strap tension is essential. You need to make sure to guide the straps on the inside of your towers to have more security. You need to tie or fold out additional length in your straps to remove the extra wind noise.

Interchangeable locks

You need to make sure that mounting locks of the roof rack can be removed and used for another mounting system if you buy a new car. There is a possibility that the mount you bought for your car will not fit the new one. You only have to buy a new mounting case without the locks and the original ones is going to be good for saving you some money.

Ask if it comes with helpful instructions

There are retail stores that offer roof rack installation service, which you have to pay for. You can ask about its availability and is there is a possibility for you to check the entire installation. In case you want that kind of service and learn how at the same time, the additional cost might be worth it. You can ask them for helpful suggestions on what people are doing wrong when they install a roof rack for the first time. You should always balance it on the center when you need to install it on your car.

Choose the bars you will use

There is a possibility that you noticed several styles and shapes available roof racks. The designs have logic behind them. The roof racks that have a blade-like shape gives lower wind noise because of their aerodynamic feature. The round bars produce more noise, but you will find it easier to connect to a variety of equipment mounts. The square-shaped bars are not good when it comes to cutting through the wind, but among all of the designs, they are stronger. You would want to appraise the kind of gear you will be hauling to check the mounting options that have round square bars. You need to think about installing a wind deflector or rack that fairs up front so everything remains quiet.

Tips for Roof Racks

  • Before installing the roof system, you need to check the manual of the vehicle or call the manufacturer directly so you will know the maximum allowable weight that the roof can take. If you need to install a hitch mount, check the towing capacity of your vehicle.
  • If you will load 5 to 6 people on your car and then put a rack on it, you need to look at the payload limits of your vehicle. The extra weight can sacrifice suspension, transmission, tires, and engine.
  • You don’t have to worry about extra space because roof racks are really built to carry up to 4 bikes. In terms of space, it is nice to have a lot of it if you are only loading 2 or 3 bikes on the roof rack.
  • If you love kayaking and plan to transport them, you need to purchase load bars that are longer by one size compared to what is recommended according to the fit guide. By doing this, you can fit boats easier and can cut the bars all the time if they become too long. You can also transport boats using a trailer, but maneuvering them can be harder.

The Top 5 Roof Racks That are Chosen by The Majority

Whispbar Flush Bar Roof-Rack System Review

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The aerodynamic profile of the product lessens noise and 70% decreases the drag. It installs together with SmartFoot fitting kit that is specific to the vehicle. It comes with a T-Slot for seamless mounting that comes from the same company. The SmartFill technology lets you install accessories easily and the PerformaRidge takes control of laminar airflow over the bar in order to lessen drag and wind noise, which also has Integra.

Yakima RailGrab Kit that has 58” Bars and comes with 4 Towers Review

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This one has a tower-and-crossbar kit that is enough to complete a rack system and the versatile design it has can accommodate vehicles that are raised or can flush the side rails. The low profile gives a sleek and integrated look that comes your roof rack. This one has a limited lifetime warranty.

​This kit can be used to install a Yakima roof rack right away to a vehicle that comes with side rails that are flush-mounted. The RailGrab can directly attach itself to the factory rails and have 58” Crossbars that provide the points of mounting for accessories.

53-5/8” Aluminum Locking Vehicle Roof Cargo Bar Review

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This product can increase the space for storage in the vehicle because it turns the roof side rails into a cargo rack that is cross-bar style. There are large adjustment knobs that control the clamp movement and the knobs have key-lockable that keep thieves away. The side rails that measure from 1”W to 1.75”W x 1.5”H maximum that comes with a 2” distance coming from the roof of the vehicle to the side rail top. Every bar has a 5/8”W rubber for added grip, heavy-duty aluminum construction that has a maximum capacity of 150 lbs.

SportRack Complete Roof Rack System (Black) Review

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This one comes with everything all in one package and they load bars, locks, hooks, and all parts that are required. It fits the majority of the vehicles that people use a lot today. The roof rack can be used for kayaks, bikes, and skis. You can check out the Fit Guide under Product Details for the Vehicle Fit. You can check the fit for the vehicle you have under the fit guide that is located under product details.

Thule AeroBlade Flush Mount Rack Review

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This product comes with a lifetime warranty and if your sunroof is open with an installed roof rack, the sound will be similar to a dump truck with dryers that come from a tunnel. Over the years, the manufacturers of roof racks have developed bars that lessen the drag and noise of the wind, and Thule is the best one for this. The product includes the shape of the wing to an upgraded level with Thule’s WindDiffuser. This is textured with the surface technology, which creates the surface of the turbulence so the noise from the wind goes away. These Aeroblade bars are designed to be quiet. The aluminum construction of the BoxBeam indicates that these bars are able to handle a force of 800 pounds. They also include a SmartSlide technology, with a foot adjustment system that has been integrated and making it easy for you to position it on the roof rack. The Thule OneKey system can work everything on the rack system.

This guide should help you choose the perfect roof rack. It is important that you pick the best one for your car because you will be loading a lot of weight on it. If you choose from any of the products listed above, you will be satisfied.

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