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ATVs will give you good adrenaline rush, but only using them in the back yard will only be fun for a short amount of time and they are useless if you can’t take them anywhere else. Picking the correct type of ATV ramp so you can easily get moving is essential to your security and the ATV’s. When you are looking around, you will find a lot of different options and available features.

You need to know if you are getting the right type of ramp and which products to choose from. When you start to shop around, it won’t be long before you get overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you. That is why you will find tips here on how to choose an ATV ramp and a list of products you can consider.

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Things to Consider Before Buying ATV Ramps

1. The Weight Capacity It Has


You can sum up the total weight of your ATV: quad weight, weight of the fuel, accessories and attachment weight, load weight, and the weight of the driver. These ramps are meant for distributing weight equally on all four tires and two axles. Although, don’t think that the case is like that because most likely the axles have different weights.

For safety purposes, do not exceed the ramp’s weight capacity and never do this. It is advisable to use the ramp system of the ATV together with the weight capacity. This if for exceeding the total weight, especially if you are planning to buy a bigger and heavier ATV.

2. The Style You Want


Think about the look you want because there are 5 kinds of ramps made for ATVs. There is the dual runner that are comprised of 2 separate ramps that will make you fit your tires. These can be bought either foldable or non-foldable, and are straight or arched making it easy to bring them anywhere. The bifold ramps can be folded in half, the trifold can be folded in 3, and the trailer ramps are for UTVs and golf carts. The straight ramps can be bought arched or straight depending on your preference.

3. The Size

When you are checking out ATV ramps, you want to assure yourself they are tall and wide enough for you. If the ramps are too short, then the incline will be very steep for you when you are trying to get into your truck and this could cause an issue.

If you decide to buy 2 ramps, make sure their width can accommodate your treads. If you decide on one piece, check If the entire thing is right for your ATV.


Another consideration about the size is the weight of the ramp. The majority of the models use aluminum, which implies that they are light, with each ramp weighing 20 pounds and a double wide one that has a total weight of 40 pounds.

4. Will You Have Help When Loading The ATV Onto The Ramp?

If you were doing this alone, you would consider buying something that is longer and then you will not have a lot of angles so assistance from someone else won’t be necessary. You won’t need help in pushing, lifting and balancing your ATV, and you can drive it straight on.

5. Where Will You Usually Load The ATV?

If you load it onto a truck most of the time, you will require a ramp that can be adjusted to bigger heights compared to when you are loading the ATV onto a trailer or ute.

6. The Width of The Ramp


Choosing ramps that have a width that is enough for a 4 x 4 will make the process faster and a lot simpler. For ramps that are dual Runner-style, take the measurement of the widest section of the tire width. Even if the majority if the ramps have a little guardrail to keep the ATV on track, choosing a 4 x 4 loading ramp that is wider than the width of the tire is necessary.

7. Do not Forget Safety Precautions

The majority of specific considerations in the process of buying depends on how to load and unload terrain vehicles safely. That applies to the weight capacities, width and length of ramps, and also when it comes to operating the ATV with caution. Do not forget to have your helmet on at all times and other important protective gear when running a four-wheeler, which covers the process of loading and unloading.

Top 5 Best ATV Ramps Reviews

1. 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Top Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps trailer pair ATV001

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The capacity is 1,500 pounds and the design is arched for a much better clearance. The style is plate top and there are fingers with rubber tips. There are safety straps and the weight is 33 pounds. The dimensions of the ramp are 91” L x 11” W and it can be folded to 45.5” x 11” x 6 and the material is aluminum. The top plate is ideal for loading onto ATVs or items that have tires with a mid-size, and the lightweight design makes it very portable.


  • The ramps arrived at my doorstep packaged well and ready for use
  • The straps are for preventing the ramps from slipping off
  • Their weight is light so it is easy to use and move around
  • The traction is perfect and the angle is great for different uses
  • Its Aluminum beams and the deck plating have excellent quality making the product really durable
  • I never have a problem folding and unfolding the ramp


  • The ramps tend to move a little during winter, but not unsafe. It just becomes uneasy for the driver, but it is an awesome product

I think that if you need a ramp that can easily be folded and useful in a lot of ways, this is what you need to purchase. You will be impressed with its versatility.

2. Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Ramp (Folding Duel ATV Runner), 2 Pack

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The dual arched ramps are made for ATV loading, tractors and off-road vehicles weighing 1,500 pounds. The wide rack that folds on the hinge can work with any width of ATV tires. The ATV’s rungs grips are serrated for extreme traction while loading. There are adjustable straps included avoiding ramp kick-outs. They are lightweight and made of aluminum. The dimensions of the product are 89 x 11.3 x 1.5 inches and the weight is 29 pounds. There is warranty for the parts which can be requested from their customer service.


  • The ramp is light, very strong, and I never experience any traction problem
  • The product is excellent quality for the price and that is already a good deal
  • Since the ramps are light, maneuvering and setting them up
  • I don’t have a problem storing them because of their folding capacity
  • They are also easy to transport, which I have done a lot of times which is awesome
  • The sturdiness these ramps give is unbelievable for the price I paid for


  • I am not a big fan of the straps that came with this one because they are not the best quality, but I still love these ramps because of how easy it is to use them

I recommend these ramps to someone who wants to store and transport them easily. If you like to travel around with your ATV, these ramps are easy to store and set-up.

3. 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Ramp Pair Lawnmower ATV Motorcycle Truck Loading 1500lb Capacity

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The size of the product is 89 x 11.25 and it folds to 45.25” and the loading capacity is 1500 pounds in every set. The weight of the aluminum construction is 31 pounds and there are rubber-tipped fingers. When you order the ramp, there are adjustable straps for your safety. There is already a built-in traction that comes with the plate top style with elevated side rails. There is warranty for the parts which you can request from them.


  • The construction feel is solid so I know that I bought a good one
  • Their weight is light enough for me to carry one on every arm
  • The straps included are not trash and they really hold the vehicle without any difficulty so I know they are really meant for my safety
  • I never experience any issues with the traction even if there’s snow on top of them
  • There is an extension teeth that will save your vehicle’s bumper


  • • There are sharp corners that you need to watch out for and take extra care when holding the ramp, but no other issues so far

I really like these ramps, except for the sharp corners. You just need to be extra careful, but all other aspects are great.

4. Black Widow IBF-9444 ATV Loading Ramp (Aluminum Extra-Long Bi-Fold)

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These are strong and reliable ramps perfectly made for your ATV, 4-wheeler, and quads that weigh 1,200 pounds. The ramp is foldable in half for easy storage under the bed or by the ATV in the pick-up truck bed or on the trailer. There are elevated serrated rungs for great traction on the off-road in any weather. It can be secured to tailgates or trailer deck that come with 2 safety straps and rubber-tipped fingers. There is heavy aluminum construction for ATV loading even in the mud. The dimensions are 94 x 44 x 1.5” and the weight is 37 pounds.


  • I can use it to load the ATV safely on my truck and that is exactly what I need
  • The ramp is very durable and wide so I do not get scared if it will work or not because it always does
  • I am able to store it easily and it is a nice ramp to have for my ATV
  • These are really sturdy ramps making it useful in a lot of ways and not just for ATV loading
  • The price is excellent for the quality and the advertisement is not a lie


  • It could be a little wider, but it is a product that does not have any other issues so I am happy with it

I recommend this ramp for more uses and not just for ATVs and it is one of the ramps I love owning.

5. Rage Powersports MF2-10838 Folding Aluminum Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Lawn and Garden Loading Ramp

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These are two single runner loading ramps that are arched and you can connect the two ramps together that have connecting brackets included. The ramp is serrated across the rungs to get the most traction and there are two buckle safety cams included. The entire width of the plate or style of the hook are attached to the lip for added strength. The dimensions of the ramp are 108 x 38 x 1.5 inches and the weight is 90 pounds.


  • It is an excellent product that can handle 1600 pounds without any trouble
  • I admire the customer service they provide because they responded to my concerns right away
  • The ramps are exactly like the ones in the advertisement
  • The actual full capacity is 3000 pounds which are excellent and exceeds what I require
  • I can say that the ramps are heavy duty
  • Since they are wider, I can use them for a lot of things


  • It is hard to put these ramps in the truck folded and in long ways. They should try to fix this, but otherwise it is an excellent product

It is one of the best ramps sold out there and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a heavy-duty ramp for their ATV that will last long.

These are the ramps you can choose from and it is important to take note of what you need to look for when buying one because the number of products available will confuse you so follow this guide.

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