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The problem with RV roofs is that you will not see the problem right away if regular inspection is not done. You are going to end up paying for an expensive repair for water damage. The water damages lessen the value of RVs quicker than a repair so regular check-up is important. It does not matter if you just rubbed on a low hanging branch, while traveling, always make sure there is no damage. The result of disregarding the event can be sad and a tree branch can easily go through the roof’s membrane. Always be careful and you need a good RV sealant for that.

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Before you choose an RV roof sealant, you need to consider the important points because there are numerous brands and products out there that sell and promise the same things. You need to know which one is telling the truth and will not lead to disappointment. This guide will show you exactly what you need to look for when buying an RV sealant and the reviews are real so you will not be misled.

Things to Look for When Selecting RV Roof Sealant

It is not just the summer rain that causes water damage because if you are living in an RV and moving around all the time, you would have to deal with the typical freezing or thawing. Unlike majority of other materials when there is an expansion of water freeze. This expansion can make seams large and there will be cracks on the roof, which creates a pathway for water to get inside the RV.


Roofs are not all the same

The RV roofs are made with several materials and each one must be treated differently. One thing to remember is that if the one your bought is designed to be utilized on the sticks you have, it is most likely that you should not try to use it on your RV.

You might have an impression that local home centers which offer membranes made for homes also sell supplies that are made only for the RV roof rubber.

Majority of RV manufacturers utilize only one kind of rubber roofing material and they are EPDM and TPO.


These are typically made without any requirement for maintenance for about 10 years after they are placed on the roof. On the contrary, there is a notion that you do not have to do too much with EPDM rubber roof instead of maybe regularly remove it with soap and water.


Due to the EPDM’s unique structure, there is no need to apply any kind of UV protectant to it or you re-coat the surface regularly.


This one is structured using a different material compared too EPDM roofs. TPO applies a shiny look on it and has more rigidity compared to EPDM. It is not as rubberized and uses less plastic. This one will not oxidize unlike EPDM and will have a surface that is chalk-like.

Washing it occasionally using mild soap and mop is the only care it needs.

Repairing the roof

The very first thing that needs to be done is to clean the roof properly so you can remove any particles. After that, make the roof dry and make sure that no debris will be left or old material. Be careful while you are doing this because you could cause a tear or elongate it, and even punch a hole. Ask the dealer which sealant is the best one for your roof.


Inspect the roof

The roofing membrane is going to last for 20 years, but it is not always a guarantee that the sealants and seams are going to. Any seam found on the roof, and another opening cut in the roof can leak. When the RV is moving and flexing while it moves down the road, it is typical for seams and sealants to move. This, together with age will cause the sealants to detach and lets a path for water to enter through the seams and sealants. A thorough inspection of roof seams and sealants are important so make sure you do it regularly. In majority of cases, the warranty can become void if you do not follow the correct inspection intervals.

Using the proper material for repair

If in case you see that there is a problem after you have done the inspection, complete all of the repairs needed. This means using the correct sealants and materials for rubber on the roof. This means including the proper sealants and materials used for rubber roofs. Do not use the wrong type of sealant because it will peel off right away after you applied it and your money will only go to waste. Majority of people use silicone products for repair and are disappointed because it peels off right away. This will only lead to more cost and there will be water repair damages that you will pay for later on.

Top 4 Best RV Roof Sealant Reviews

EternaBond RoofSeal Sealant Tape White

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It can be used for sunny environments and only simple installation calls for enough surface preparation before you can use it. The factor needed for elongation is very high, which allows the RoofSeal to have expansion or contract with the conditions that are changing. The side that is adhesive is lined with a silicone preventing it from attaching to other surfaces prior to application.


  • The product is fit for almost anyone
  • Compared to other products, it is the stickiest one
  • The white side has a water tight cover that can go over the gray semi-squishy adhesive that bonds to the surface
  • The product comes in different widths
  • Despite of it being pricey, you will not go wrong

How to remove and replace EternaBond RoofSeal Sealant Tape



  • The product does not come with a warranty for any atmospheric re-entry

Dicor 501LSW-1 Self-Leveling Lap Sealant With 4 Pack

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This one helps in creating a seal that can stick on the roof’s edges, seal the vents, and pipes in the vent and screw heads. This one can be used with any roofing material and can offer great adhesion to aluminum, wood, mortar, vinyl, concrete, and galvanized metal. This one has an improvement in the ability to seal continuously and stay flexible. Since it can be matched with color, the sealant of the lap is stabilized using UV in order to prevent it from deteriorating and discoloring, and it will not have any stain that might ruin color.


  • The is highly recommended for sealing the RV’s rubber roof
  • It is thicker than honey, but not like silicone. It is thinner and flattens a bit after being applied
  • Ideal for applications where there are surfaces that need to stretch, which is the same as an RV roof
  • When it needs to set up, it does not consume too much time
  • The customer service is responsive and quick to take care of concerns


  • Can be a little stiff coming out compared to other self-leveling tube products

Cofair QR325 3" x 25" Quick-Roof Waterproof Repair

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The product is approximately 3” x 25” roof repair and it is a kit that is easy to use. The product was made in China, as well as the cofair Instant Waterproof Repair and Re-Roofing. It sticks on the aluminum surface and it has been super reinforced. All you need to do is to press in place for a permanent repair and the five puncture resistant comes with a 10-year material warranty.


  • This is an awesome repair tape and it can last for 5 years on your roof without any leaks. It can stick easily and apply it is simple.
  • It does not require heat for you to apply it properly making it highly recommended
  • The sealant such as this is not a temporary fix and you can expect it to last
  • They offer awesome customer support and are willing to walk you through in order to fix it completely
  • It is able to do what duct tapes are not able to do


  • Not recommended when the area being sealed has a standing water


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This one is a multi-tool accessory and it can be highly durable. Manufactured in China and weighs 1.4 pounds. The warranty for this product is 15 years which means that it can stop leaking for that long.


  • It is awesome on RV roofs and it can be used to cover the seams, it also sticks very well
  • You can apply a liquid sealer on top of the entire roof and I would buy it again
  • I don’t mind paying a little more for this one because it is all worth it
  • It sticks fast and it is recommended that you do it when the temperature is in the 80’s because it will definitely help
  • The product is easy to cut and apply it where it is needed and it sticks very well so you need to be sure about the spot before you stick it
  • It arrived according to what was promised by the manufacturer and I can say that it is all worth it

Choosing any of the products listed above will not disappoint you. It only requires knowing which one you really need. Make sure that you go through each one of the products according to how they are described in this guide so you will not get lost and purchase the wrong one. When you do not know which one to buy, you can read the customer reviews and always consider everything. Some of them are pricier than others, but you will not go wrong in terms of quality and durability of the product.

Keep in mind that you need to maintain simplicity and you will be able to use of your rubber roofing if you choose the right sealant. Always watch out for your safety and only use the best kind of product for it. This buying guide is the most honest and realistic one you will find on the net and you will not end up buying a product that will only waste your money.

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