Top 3 Best RV Air Conditioner Reviews (Updated May 2020)

If you have been searching for the best RV air conditioner, you’ve come to the right post, especially if it is a season of heat and a lot of humid. If your new RV air conditioner cannot perform the way you want it to, it is about time to change it. You are not supposed to live with the heat and you need to feel comfortable while traveling in your RV.

It is not difficult to find the right air conditioner for you, but prior to buying anything, there are considerations you need to make.

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What to Consider Before Buying a RV Air Conditioner

In case you are planning to conserve energy and spend little on power, you can buy a low-profile one. After that, you can opt for a low-profile one. These types of air conditioners are more efficient in terms of energy, but mileage of the gas in the RV is increased because it creates less drag while driving on the road.

1. Consider the orientation of the RV

Prior to turning the air condition on, you need to be sure that your RV is positioned in the best spot possible. Picking a shady spot is automatic, but if there is only partial shade, attempt to park the RV so the refrigerator vents and the air conditioner are both covered. Aside from this, the RV needs to be parked so the biggest windows get lesser sun.

2. Are you looking for the ducted or non-ducted one?

It is essential to know which one you are looking for because they both work differently. The ducted unit is able to integrate with the air flow system of the RV and the pipes go through air vents that are placed around the RV. This one is quieter and a pricier option. The non-ducted air conditioner is present in RVs that are smaller. This one does not link with the RV’s ducting system, and there is cold air being expelled directly coming from the vents in the air conditioner. There is a possibility of switching between the non-ducted to a ducted one, but this can be a costly option.

3. How many do you need?

This is going to depend on how big your RV is because the larger ones are about 8 meters long and this kind might require not just one air conditioner so that the whole vehicle becomes cool.

There are air distribution boxes that have a vent number that is more flexible and there are different options for positions that offer control of air circulation. You can opt to have vents, which can be rotated and this is one any side of the air conditioner and then two on the back side. Think about it if when, where and of the reason how you are going to appreciate the RV unit being cool.

4. Never compromise the quality


There are instances when repairing the RV can be more expensive compared to the price of a new air conditioner. This is why it is important to make sure that the product you are buying is high quality. You might end up spending more in the long run if you buy a low-quality air conditioner.

5. Close the windows in the morning for more efficiency

You can trap morning air while you are still inside the RV when all of the windows are closed and also the vents when you are awake in the morning. Aside from this, you can attempt to minimize closing and opening the door of the RV so that the inside remains cool. This can help a lot if you like to turn the air conditioner in the morning and if you are going to do this, observe the morning temperature inside to choose when it is the ideal time to open the windows so you get to enjoy the cool breeze.

6. Do an online search

This is a tip that you already did because you are already reading this post and you will save a lot of money if you do online shopping and choose from the items listed here. Aside from that, you will not experience time and hassle if you were driving from one store to another. Another advantage of buying it online is that there are already reviews from those who have used the time. Just like the reviews, I will give here because you will not get them from a physical store.

Top 3 RV Air Conditioner Reviews

1. Dometic B59516.XX1C0 Brisk II Polar White Air Conditioner (15,000 BTU 410A)

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The nominal capacity is 15000 BTU/Hour and the type of installation is either ducted or you can go non-ducted. There are a motor and fan that are both high-performing and the electrical rating is 115V AC with 60 Hz and 1 Phase. You will find it easy to install and maintain this unit and the warranty gives a protection of 2 years. The dimensions of the product are 29.2 x 27.2 x 12.7” and the weight is 74 pounds.


  • This is a great unit because installing it is really easy and it keeps the RV cool so I feel really comfortable having this in my RV
  • When I received the item, I can say that it was packaged well and I could not complain about how fast it was shipped to me
  • The description of the product is exactly like how it is once you start to use it
  • There is no need to do retrofitting for this product to work properly because it does its job nicely right away
  • I am able to sleep peacefully because the unit works quietly and it does not disturb anyone else


  • When I received the item, there was damage in the box. The customer service was quick to answer my concern and made sure that nothing else is broken.

I think that this is worth it for the money you are spending for a new air conditioner for your RV.

2. Coleman 48204C866 Mach 15+ A/C Unit

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This one is sold individually and it is manufactured and designed by Coleman to give it the classic appearance. The color and materials are also by Coleman and it works well with any situation you can think of. The dimensions of the product are 42 x 28 x 16” and the weight is 90 pounds. This unit directs air movement to be faster and further with minimal noise aside from the cool air that is whooshing.


  • I ordered the companion inside unit and the profile of the product is not very bulky
  • I like the construction of the unit and install it on your own because it is that easy
  • The instructions provided with it are clear and you can follow them easily because there are pictures provided
  • If you already have mechanical and general experience, the product basically plugs and play
  • I was able to test the unit during the extremely hot summer cycles, and it performed well


  • My concern is that the direction of the air when it blows is only straight and it does not go down. I hope they could fix this, but my RV is always cool when I turn on this one

This is one of the most classic air condition units you will ever buy and I love that.

3. Complete RV AC Air Conditioner Non Ducted System...15,000 btu

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This is an outside, 15,000 upper unit and there is a non-ducted kit included inside. The ducted kit has an upgrade available with a wall t-stat worth $75. The colors available are white or black and the dimensions of the product are 30 x 28 x 14” and the weight is 85 pounds. The product comes with free shipping and it arrives on time.


  • I like this product because it works well and the price is very reasonable
  • The dealer of the product is awesome and responded to all of my concerns
  • I did not experience being charged with additional fees compared to other products like this
  • The installation was a breeze especially if you are experienced
  • The instructions on how to install the unit was clear and did not lack anything so even beginners will find it easy to handle this unit
  • The unit works exactly like how it is advertised and that is notable for online purchases these days


  • I cannot write anything for this part yet, but so far, the unit is good and I would recommend it to anyone who wants value for their money

I could not complain about this unit so far and I think that it will work well even in the long run because of how it is made and constructed.

When buying an air conditioner for your RV, you need to pick from any of the products listed above because all of them are working well and your money is not wasted at all.

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