Best RV Toilets Reviews

If you are looking for an RV toilet, you will find a variety of the best ones in this post and high profile RV toilets that can be bought in the market today. The fine products have a wide scale of awesome features that will be efficient and powerful enough for your RV. The portable toilet reviews you will find here could help you choose the best option you can use for your RV, boat, or in that little corner of yours so you don’t have to wait long when you need to go.

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Things to Look for When Selecting RV Toilet

This product works according to how it sounds and made for using in campers and vehicles meant for recreation. They normally use a small amount of water for every flushing and contain the waste in a holding tank inside the unit. The tank generates black water and would have to be emptied or hooked to an available sewage system. Although, the experience of utilizing this is like a standard toilet, which is used by a lot of people.

It does not matter if you want to go around the world, but refuse to leave your home or if you will be in situations where you need to use the toilet. There are plenty of moving homes to choose from like an RV, which is your best option. You can find a lot of moving homes like RVs, trailers, camper vans, and others.

If you are on the road for a few days, you would want things that give comfort to your life. A sleeping arrangement, cooking equipment, kitchen, living quarters and the most crucial of all is a good toilet are main concerns in a motor home.

When you are on the road for a long time, you might not always find a clean bathroom. Aside from that, you might not be someone who can use a bathroom anywhere.

  • Hygiene matters

In RV toilets, hygiene is very important. You would want something that does not have any leak, flushes properly, and does not spread bacteria. Since an RV is part of an enclosed limited space, there can be infections that could spread among the occupants.

On top of it all, think about having to be in a small space that smells unpleasant. This only means you need to consider hygiene.


  • What you need to look for

The small things that you need to consider when buying an RV toilet. As previously mentioned, hygiene is a crucial factor when purchasing a toilet. This was the main thing in the scoring system as well. The features that are sure about the right coverage from leaks and smells have a big role when toilets are considered for the list. You must pay attention to those details.

  • Installation

It should be easy to install, especially if at midway, you need a toilet that is experiencing trouble. You also need to consider its size if it won’t give you a hard time installing it in your RV.

  • Extra amenities

The type of flushing system it has and so on. The last feature that was considered was the price.

Top 6 Best RV Toilet Reviews

1. Portable Camco 41541 Toilet Review

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Features are 5.3 gallons with a holding tank that is detachable and the sealing slide valve can be locked in odors and gives protection against leakage. The slide latches and secures the tank on the toilet and the flush is bellow-type with a sturdy construction. This measures 16.38” Height by 13.75” Width by 16.13” Diameter. You need to note that the total width of the seat is about 13 inches and the dimensions are 8.5” Width by 9” Diameter. The warranty of the product is good for 1 year and there is a 30-day warranty for the labor.


  • It has a good price and it is made properly with light weight
  • The blow is molded and it is not hard plastic
  • The product can be used a lot of times and it is ideal for camping on an average of 3 days
  • It has a perfect volume for two people


  • It is not big enough for a large person so you need to be small or a kid

2. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet that is Self-Contained Review

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This product is proudly manufactured in the USA and its hardware is all stainless. Its full size has an elongated seat designed for comfort. You can easily disassemble the seat in seconds if you have to empty it. There is a hose and fan included and the item weighs 27.2 pounds. The dimensions are 22 x 22.5 x 21.7 inches


  • The toilet does not any water to operate so if you are dry camping, you can have a longer stay without needing to fill the fresh water tank or you can find a dump site for the sewage.
  • The steel and the plastic that were used in the product functions properly
  • You only have to clean it every 3 to 4 weeks


  • I really don’t like how it looks, but it still serves its purpose so this is such a small thing to be bothered about

3. Dometic 310 Series Standard Height w/ Hand Spray, Bone Review

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This product has 100% bowl coverage that lives according to what is advertised. The European design is both elegant and tasteful. Its weight is strong and light. The toilet is comfortable has a diameter of 18” with an ergonomic seat height. The power flush, swirl-jet bowl action makes that it is thoroughly cleaned. The weight of the product is 39 pounds and the dimensions are 25.8 x 20.3 x 25 inches


  • I love the flush because it really helps in reducing the odors inside the trailer. You have to make sure that you know that the valve is on the right side because there is a need for plumbing extension which was only a minimal concern. You have to make sure to create a thread towards the connection to the hose.
  • I was able to install it in only minutes and no extra parts were needed
  • The heights is very comfortable for anyone who is using the toilet
  • The item comes well packed together with bolts and nuts that you will need


  • The only thing I don’t like about this product is the lid because I don’t like the design

4. Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet Review

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The design is sleek, very modern, and homelike and the seat height is very comfortable, with increased bowl size and a toilet paper holder that is integrated. The flush controls are hidden and battery-powered and there is a holding tank level indicator for the fresh water and tanks where the wastes are deposited. The carrying handle has been improved and the hold down kit is optional. The weight of the product is 10 pounds and the dimensions are 17.8 x 15.5 x 17.6 inches.


  • The height of the seat is normal for everyone who uses it
  • When the gallon is already filled with fresh water, it has enough weight for it to be stable on a sturdy surface
  • The waste tank can hold up to 5 gallons so that it can go between clean outs
  • The indicators are very easy to read so you can tell the water level inside the fresh water tank and inside the waste tank


  • The lid is too thin so you cannot use it as a chair

5. Sanitation Equipment 268 24 Liters With 2 Levels of Indicators Review

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The toilet is easy to use and it has a pistol pump that can be easily replaced with a rinse that is two-directional for improved bowl surface coverage. The bowl is extra deep for a better level of comfort and the lids snaps and closes for keeping the vibration while it is moving. The tank waste level is easy to read and the fresh water level indicator. You will not have a hard time cleaning it because the spout is detachable.


  • It is a very good toilet if your requirement for size is very tight and I find it very easy to empty the toilet
  • This product is going to last for years as long as you maintain it properly
  • Whenever I am camping, it works great and the product arrives on time
  • Pulling the handle in the front right away allows urine flow into the bottom
  • The flusher in the back is easily replaceable


  • The only drawback is that I have a hard time to clean it, but I still consider it to be a great product

6. Palm Springs 5-Gallon Portable Outdoor Recreation Toilet Review

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It is a self-contained toilet that is portable for the camp site. You can also use it for your boat, other recreation or a wide range of RVs. The sturdy seat is full-size and it lushes like a residential toilet with a matte finish that can be concealed. The waste water tank is 5 gallons and the freshwater holding tank is 3 gallons. This is a one-piece product with leak-proof tank that was made with polyethylene of high quality. The product will arrive fully assembled. The dimensions are 16.5 x 13.5 x 12 and the weight is 9.75 pounds.


  • The toilet is very sturdy and works well so the user is comfortable, neat, and large enough to contain weight and mild odor
  • I like the top water container for having clean water that you can mix with 2 ounces of holding the tank deodorant and cleaner. You can add a small level of water that holds the tank liquid. This helps in breaking up the matter and getting rid of the odor
  • You need to have this if you have children because it is the most convenient one for them as well
  • I like the customer service they have because they are very attentive and they have no problem changing the product if needed


  • It does not flush all around all the time which means that you need to do extra cleaning, but this is only a minor concern. It will still depend on how well you maintain it on a regular basis

How to install an RV toilet

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  • Make sure to clean the area where the RV toilet will be placed and get rid of anything that has the tendency to become a hindrance. You need to put the old the towels in a designated area so you can put the old one there while you are installing the new toilet
  • The water pump in the RV needs to be shut off and before you flush the toilet to get rid of any air pressure or if there is an excess of water inside the lines
  • Check if there is any plastic covering the RV toilet’s bottom and it will stay put on each side or you will see it wrapping around. Next thing to do is to pull and remove it. You can pull this towards you if you think that it is stuck
  • Look for the bolts and nuts which are found underneath and get a wrench so you can unscrew it
  • Take a towel and lay it down so it can catch any water drips or excess water. Look at the back of the toilet and you will see the hose that is connected to the back and then you can unscrew them
  • Take the new toilet, start rocking and twisting it lightly to check if it seems to stick to the floor. Remove the old one and put it on top of old towels or papers
  • The gasket made of rubber needs to be replaced and that can seal the toilet so it keeps the sewage from having a leak. You can lift this off and then replace it using a new one which arrived with your toilet. The new toilet has to be placed on the ring and then line it up together with the bolt inside the holes towards the bottom.
  • You can change the nuts on the bolts and snugly tighten it. You should not attach this tightly because you might not be able to unscrew them. Sit on top of it try to move it around so you can check if it does not wobble or might come loose.
  • Attach the hose again and make the nuts and bolts tighter. Avoid stripping them too much because it will become too tight.
  • Switch the water on so you can flush it and check if there is something leaking. Clean up the area where you worked and dispose of the old one properly

Additional tips

  • Measure the toilets and the area of the bathroom to make sure that it fits properly. Inspect the water connection because it might need to be cut short so you can use it with the new toilet.
  • Measure the toilets and the bathroom to make sure that it fits properly
  • Contact a plumber who is experienced with RVs to check if the toilet you can have it repaired instead of replacing it

Make sure to follow this guide so you can choose the best RV toilet for you. Your family will have the convenience they need when you have a good RV toilet. Proper installation is needed because you don’t want a leaking toilet. If you choose any of the products mentioned above, you will not be disappointed because they are all good. You should also take note of the additional tips because they are necessary for installing a new toilet. You don’t have to be an expert in RV toilets because this guide is all you need to have the best RV toilet and if you have a child with you, make sure that you take them into consideration.

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