Best Trailer Brake Controllers Reviews

Normally, a trailer brake controller is an OEM device that is installed that is placed on the tow driver’s dashboard area and it involves the function of the electrical braking system that is time delayed or proportional to the brake engagement while it is slowing down or until it stops. In this post, the best trailer brake controllers of 2017 will be reviewed. Trailer brake controllers for the Silverado, Toyota Tundra, and the Dodge Ram are included in the list. For the money that people are willing to spend on the product, the ones found here will not lead to disappointment.

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Things to Look for When Selecting Trailer Brake Controllers

When choosing the best trailer brake controller, you need to consider these:

  • LCD display

When buying a trailer brake controller, the LED display is crucial because you will be driving under several conditions and you should be able to see what it is saying right away so you can step on the brakes and make a smoother ride. It is also important that the display is still visible even during sunlight.

Before purchasing the product, check how easily it can be mounted if you will be using it for several trailers. It should be easy to unmount and store when you do not need the device. Also see if the instructions are clear and if it is plug-n-play, you should not have a hard time mounting it to the dashboard of the trailer.

  • Features

Look at the features of each especially the customization and option for hydraulic or electric mode for the brakes. There is also a function that warns the person if needs to step on the brakes, while some have an automatic brake function, which can be important for driving on rough paths and snowy areas for safety. The sensitivity settings can also be adjusted so consider that as well.

  • Positive reviews

All of the trailer brake controllers have positive feedbacks that you need to read before deciding. There are informative ones that will really explain what is good about the product and why users love it. It will serve as a guide to numerous people who are curious about why the ones mentioned are the best in 2017. It is also a need to find out if the ones who have purchased the product will buy one again and if they are recommending it to others because it is an indication of their satisfaction.

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  • Nagative reviews

Every product has its negative reviews, but despite of that, majority of the people who are looking for the best trailer brake controller still go for these products. Weigh the positive and negative reviews before anything because there are minor and major ones. For the people to still purchase these products even if there are negative reviews only shows that they still serve their purpose well, especially when it comes to providing safety for the user, which is one of the most important things. Read why some were not happy with their purchase and decide if it is a big or small concern for you to support your choice.

When the first 5 points have been checked, it is time to look at the overall review and reputation of the product. Choose one that will really suit you well and which one is the most appropriate for your trailer so you will not go through any trouble and regrets later on.

Top 5 Best Trailer Brake Controllers Reviews

Best of the best: Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control

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The Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control is the best of the best, and even if it is seen on the price, this product packs the best features and functions that a person could ever want in a trailer brake controller. The ones who bought this product are very enthusiastic in writing their reviews because of the satisfaction and happiness they feel.

Majority of them bought the product again and even recommended it to their friends and wrote very informative reviews to say why it should be chosen. Its LCD display is indeed easy to read that gives it a strong advantage among the others. While on the road, the driver needs to see right away what the screen is saying to avoid accidents or discomfort.

The excellent diagnostics and warning system prevents the users from guessing what they are about to encounter. Its plug-n-play feature enables customers to use it immediately and store it when there is no need for it. Majority of the customers who gave a review of the product found the indicated features to be true. It also comes with a warranty for parts and the labor warranty is all provided by the manufacturer. The warranty can easily be requested from the customer service, which is another positive thing.

The Good

The LCD does not make things complicated for users because it is easy to read with an option for multiple colors. It can be programmed into three languages – English, French or Spanish. In terms of diagnostics, it displays output current, brake, battery and output voltage

The Bad

When using the brake controller, extra care needs to be given because it can be overly sensitiveeven after it has been boosted and the voltage has been adjusted. The colors of the screen canbe a little too bright

The Bottom Line

It is one of the best brake controllers in the market because it works great and recommending it won't be a mistake, especially for the price they paid for.

Best Value: Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control

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The display lights up when there is an issue ahead that serves as warning to stop. The construction is both solid and good, and when you take a look at the wires, they are high-quality because it is silicone based hitemp jacket with fine strands. Users also love the mounting bracket because the unit will just snap in and out of it so it will be easy to remove and mount as well.

The set-up is simple because after installation, it can be calibrated right away by using the instructions and the settings are adjustable anytime as the brakes get older. There is an accelerometer built-in which means that it can be mounted like a time-delay brake controller, but with much better performance.

It is a product that will be purchased again when it wears out and customers love the automatic calibration that gives huge convenience to them. The boost feature is not available in all trailer brake controllers, but this one has it. The warranty that comes with the product lasts for 15 years that will shoulder the parts, warranty and labor.

The Good

The brake controller has a very solid and good construction. The wires that were used are of high-quality and the self-diagnostics feature will light up when there are issues making it easy for the user to know right away.

The Bad

A few users have complained about the blue button falling off easily and at the same time affects the settings which can be a hassle for some people.

The Bottom Line

The product works efficiently and stops right away when the brakes are stepped on. The quality is solid and users would buy it again because of majority them loved it. A lot of buyers found the price to be competitive.

For Silverado: CURT 51140 Triflex Brake Controller

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If you own a Silverado, this is the recommended one you need to purchase. It has the function to control any trailer that has 2 to 8 electric or hydraulic brakes that is electrically actuated. Since it is versatile, it can be mounted in several angles that can be either above or below the dashboard.

The triple-axis motion responds right away for making smooth stops and the brake output is automatically adjusted when going downhill or uphill. It is a good deal in Brake controllers if you want a unit that is proportional and not timed. However, the mounting is not that simple because it needs a bracket and screws for it to remain steady on the trailer’s dashboard.

The unit blinks when there is no trailer, but this does not bother all of the ones who bought it making it a minor concern. The instructions that came with it are easy to read and it does not cause too much trouble setting up the unit. The warranty is provided fully by the manufacturer for the parts and labor. CURT manufacturing has awesome customer service support and whenever replacement is needed, they have issues shipping a new one to any customer.

The Good

It is very versatile because it can control any trailer that has a 2 to 8 hydraulic brake. Since it can work in several trailers, it can be mounted on different angels. There is automatic adjustment when going uphill.

The Bad

There are users who have experienced the settings going unpredictable while driving on tough situations and snowy mountains which can be dangerous.

The Bottom Line

The versatility that this brake controller offers makes it different from the others and is still able to provide smooth stops the buyers. It is a brake controller they would purchase again when the one they have already retired. For the price it has, you can’t go wrong because of its versatility.

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This is the perfect one for a Toyota Tundra and it makes towing experience simpler and better through innovation. It works on trailers that have hydraulic or electric brakes and it is the controller that has short proof protection for up to 8 trailer brakes. Like most of the controllers, it is easily mountable and it does not require drilling.

Installation of the unit only needs 10 minutes and the cables for different parts are long enough, sturdy and flexible. The box, control and display are separate items that will suit any driver. Setting up the unit is direct and easy with great system performance. One of the concerns of the customers is the slider rheostat for manual application to the brakes, adjusting the sensitivity, and amount of braking tends to come off from the bracket, but glue can be used to completely fix the issue.

In the present day, 40% of the retail category come from Hopkins innovations and their controller brakes feature an advanced proportional technology. It will allow you to stay focused and keep your eyes on the road because the controls are easy to reach. With a reasonable price for its features, it also comes with a warranty for parts and labor given by the manufacturer which can be asked from the customer service.

The Good

Users are provided safety because of its advanced brake technology and a smoother halt. It can easily be mounted on trailers that have either electric or hydraulic brakes. There is short proof protection that can be for up to 8 brakes and mounting the device does not require drilling.

The Bad

The display of the screen is small making it hard to see under sunlight and a few users said that minor improvements have to be made before it becomes easy to use.

The Bottom Line

The advanced brake technology is one of its awesome functions and allows smooth stops for better safety. The price is reasonable for the functions it has.

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If you are one of the owners of a Dodge Ram, consider this product. Customers are very satisfied because it has 4 braking axles and the broad control range makes it easy for anyone to set it up. It has a unique function that makes the LED change colors change gradually from green, then completed circuit, to red, and then indicative braking power that is not a feature of other brake controllers.

You will not make a mistake of doing a false brake because of the advanced electronics function. It has a compacted size and complete features giving the customer a good experience. Due to the four wire hook up in the unit, it minimizes interference with the electrical systems of towing vehicles. Its settings give it enough versatility to make it easily compatible with almost any trailer.

The power can be set to slightly high that is going to work great for light braking. Calibrating the unit does not require a lot and it only takes a few minutes of one’s time. With a price that is lower than others, this is a good deal that you are going to love. The product comes with a 5-year warranty given by the manufacturer.

The Good

The brake controller that has 4 braking axles with a wide control range making it easy to set-up and control. The LED has a color-changing function once the power of the brakes is applied. Ride is better caused by the advanced electronics.

The Bad

A few buyers have complained about the instructions being confusing because there seems to be a mix up between the level knob and power knob.

The Bottom Line

The brake controller that gives great value for money and you will not be sad about the purchase.

Benefits of a Trailer Brake Controller

  • It has a technology alerts the driver for a smoother ride when an issue is about to be encountered.
  • Majority of them are plug-n-play so anyone who uses it will not have a hard time putting it to use.

The products that have been reviewed in this post have their own strong points and recommendations are given for specific types of vehicles. They are a necessity for anyone who is concerned about their safety when towing, especially in different seasons. Customers have their own preferences and these five products will address anyone depending on what you are looking for, the money you are willing to spend, quality requirements, reputation, type of vehicle, and other important concerns you might have before choosing a product.

Before taking a pick, read through them one by one and assess which would be the best choice for you.

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