Top 5 Best RV Awning Reviews (Updated June 2020)

You need to observe what’s around you at the campsite for you to realize that there is more than 90% RVs have an awning attached. It is because awnings are important domain with fabric and frame whenever you go on an RV trip. This is not actually necessary because porches and awnings make your experience even more worthwhile. You are going to have additional storage and living space wherever you go.

Awnings make your life simpler because they give you a place where you can eat and chill out, with shelter against the weather, or with the door and sides of the awning rolled back. This is a place where you can find shade whenever the sun is up.

It does not matter if you are buying a new one for your RV or you just have to replace an old one because you would also have two options for an RV awning: acrylic or vinyl. Keep in mind that not all RV awnings are made the same way, which is why you need to know how to choose a good one and what are the products you can choose from.

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Things to Consider Before Buying RV Awning

1. The retractable awnings


This should be noticed because this is not like the standard awnings because they collapse and can easily be folded easily in the RV. These are ideal for those who travel most of the time. Do you have plans of traveling in the RV or only stay in one spot? The experienced RV owner should purchase a retractable one. If you want to do this, you initially have to learn about the proper way to fit the RV awning based on your RV’s length and choose a type of fabric that suits your needs prior to buying one.

2. Stationary awnings for your RV

If you like keeping your RV stationary a lot in an RV park or somewhere else, you need to get one that is more stable because this is going to offer better protection for you. These awnings are mostly removable and are mostly made of hard plastic or they also use fiberglass to provide better protection.

This provides protection against extreme weather conditions like snow, intense heat, and hail. They will normally be less movable and hard to transport for those who own RVs who use it frequently because they fold up pretty well. In addition to this, they do not catch the wind when traveling high-speed.

3. The fabric


The awning fabrics have a lot of variety in terms of weight, look, and strength. The lightweight polyester comes with several advantages. One thing for sure is that it dries up quickly after the rain, you can easily handle it because it is lightweight, and you can just pack it away after using. Due to those reasons, awnings that are made of polyester are perfect for going away during the weekend. There is a wide range of textures, weave densities, weight and tautness.

The acrylic awnings are high-quality and expensive that is meant to last for years. They are mostly taut, rigid, and lighter in weight. Moreover, the acrylic is designed for added resistance against the ultra-violet light compared to the fabric that was dyed after being turned into yarn.

When you look closer, an awning that is made using fabric that’s been fiber-dyed, you are going to see that the material has a lot of colors that have been weaved together to make a gray or blue. Additionally, blue and gray are predominant in the fabric, but you will also see green and orange shades. This is because the fiber was dyed before creating the cloth.

4. The right RV awning measurement


If in case you don’t previously own an awning to base the measurement from, you can measure 1/3 to ½ of the RV’s length because this is the area that is normally covered. The longer models that have almost the same length as the motorhome are uncommon and would lead to more problems while you are traveling. The standard sizes are 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, and 5 meters.

5. The slant of the awning

Prior to buying an awning that is longer, look at its slant because they can have tendency to block the windows and even doors. Smaller awnings are easier to pack and roll up, and this is going to require less support if you roll or use it. However, buying a rope and stakes to have more stability during the windy weather is more ideal.

Top 5 RV Awning Reviews

1. Carefree 701509 Black 15' x 9' Drop RV Awning EZ ZipBlocker

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This product can fit into most awning brands and it slides into the awning’s empty slot. The top part stays in the awning. All you have to do is unzip the lower part because it is easier to access. The cut of the open weave fabric is about 85% of the sunlight so that you will stay cool and comfortable all-day long. The polyester fabric is covered in vinyl that comes with a 1-year warranty.

There are 2 pcs. When it arrives: a 6-inch main panel and there is an insert panel with a zipper. There is an insert panel in the 7-inch drop and the 8-inch drop has a panel insert that is 2”. There is a 3-inch insert panel in the 9-inch drop. There are insert sides that go into the awning roller’s free slot and rolls up together with the awning. This is going to let you access the zipper without using any ladder. Once you are ready to set up again, just zip the body panel. There is a storage bag included, tie downs, and spikes.


  • It is easy to zip the shade portion because one person can do it
  • The awning keeps me cool the entire time I am camping, even in sites where it is extremely hot
  • This awning is easy to remove and I was happy when I got it
  • When I compared it to what is being advertised, they are exactly the same
  • I only needed 15 minutes to install it because it is that easy
  • Its lightweight makes it easy for me to manage the whole thing


  • The wrong item was delivered to me at first, but they were quick to replace it and I’ve had no issues after that

I would buy this product again if needed and I really recommend it to anyone who wants a good RV awning.

2. SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean Blue Fade 18' *(approximate fabric width 17' 2-3")*

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This is an RV Patio Awning fabric for replacement and the color is faded ocean blue. It is a durable vinyl that is 15 oz. and comes with a 16 oz. Weather shield made of vinyl as well. The measurement of the fabric is 17’ 2-3” which is for an awning that is 18”.

It offers an 8’ projection standard, ¼ poly cord for the rail, and 3/16” poly cord made of the roller tube. There is an included pull strap in the package when it arrives. This works best with A&E (domestic), Carter, and Carefree manual awnings.


  • The awning is made of good quality and I know that it is going to last long
  • Installation was easy because I did not have to ask for anybody’s help
  • I love how it looks and the color is awesome
  • Since it is lightweight, I never have a hard time trying to pack it up or put it out
  • The fit is awesome and it matches my RV really well


  • The instructions that came with it are not so good, but there is a video on YouTube that you can follow and there will be no more trouble after that

The color of this product is a real highlight for me and the quality of the fabric is definitely durable. It is a product that I recommend to anyone who wants a good-looking RV awning.

3. Black RV Awning Shade Complete Kit 10‘ X 16‘ Sun Shade Canopy Shelter

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It is a shade that covers most of the area under the awning that will not give you a hard time. You can create a patio that is comfortable, private, and cool without having to spend a lot of money and effort.

There is an awning shade, spiral stakes, and also straight stakes so you can attach it into the soft and hard bungee balls for connecting the spiral hooks of the awning for attaching the shade into the unitlity slot. The weight of the product is 15 pounds. It increases the RV block by up to 80% to give protection against the harmful rays of the sun.


  • The awning bar is not distorted every time I have to roll it up which is excellent
  • I never had a hard time attaching the screen because of the hooks provided with the product
  • This product is really well made and I know that it is going to last longer even if I use it often
  • Setting up is easy and it does not eat a lot of my time
  • I can use the canopy screen to hang lights so hanging out at night is no problem


  • I want it to have a few more hangers, but it is an awesome product overall. I am very happy with it.

It is definitely worth the purchase and buying it again in the future is certainly a consideration.

4. RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric - Pacific Blue 20'

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It can fit A&E, Carefree, and Faulkner types of awnings. It is a ShapePro 15 oz. 4-ply fabric, which means that it is the heaviest being sold today. There is Welded Weatherguard that adds protection where it is necessary. You can do it on your own and use the replacement pull strap to make things easier. There is a 3-year warranty for the parts and freight. The measurement when finished is 19’2”.


  • Makes my camper look great and new again even if I’ve had it for years
  • Installation was easy and the price is awesome for the quality it has
  • Even if it is a large item, the shipping was surprisingly fast
  • It fits perfect and it is as if I measured my RV before buying it


  • There were little smudges on the paint in some areas, but that is a minor issue

I think that anyone should buy this product despite its weight because it is good one that does not fail to provide shade anywhere.

5. Lippert RV Solera Awning 8.5' Slider Black V000168107

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It is a Solera Slider, colored black, 8’6” and 102” wide with a box width ranging from 92” to 97 3/4”. This product is featuring an awning that is solid black and has black hardware. It will permanently attach to the side room that will automatically retract or extend together with the slide-out. You can extend it to 50” which is 8 times more than most brands. This is a cheap alternative to other awnings that are slide-out. The dimensions are 108 x 7 x 7” and the weight is 34.5 pounds.


  • The instructions are awesome because they are easy to follow
  • The price is a great value for the quality you will get
  • I have used it several times and I can say that it does provide great protection against the rays of the sun
  • It arrived on time and complete
  • They have great customer support even if the product is not expensive


  • They should provide a warranty for this product

It is one of the best ones I have bought for the price it has and anyone is going to love this product.

Now that you know how to choose a good RV awning, go ahead and pick from the products listed above. You will not be disappointed.

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