Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Reviews (Updated May 2020)

The towing truck you use will give you an idea of what kind of hitch to buy that you will need for your fifth wheel trailer. The manufacturers have several types of hitches but some functions can be used. They give different rates to hitches for rating certain gross vehicle weight.

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When choosing a hitch, you need to take considerations. Some of the considerations are the type of road and truck you are using. To save you from confusion, this is a buying guide you can refer to if you are looking for the best fifth wheel hitch.

What You Need to Consider Before Buying


When your truck and trailer are already matched, you can already install the fifth wheel hitch. You can do it on your own, but if you purchase a kit that can fit in everything, there is a possibility that you need to drill, which is not necessary. Buying the hitch from the manufacturer is going to save you from the stress and allot more time because the railings on the frame with holes for fifth wheel installation.


The main thing about fifth wheels is the strong points it has. There is a set of brackets that can get hooked up to the frame of the pickup and this will become an anchor for the hitch rails found in the bed. It is the rails that give foundation to the fifth-wheel receiver, which comes with set of jaws.


A lot of fifth wheels are made with glossy fiberglass, which is built for keeping its shine and color and handle elements. There are rubber rooftops and awnings on it, and there are ramps and little compartments for storage.

Based on how it was built, fifth wheels make it easy for safely carrying weight due to the manner it sticks to the towing vehicle in order to keep the balance and stop swaying. If your RV lifestyle uses a lot of off-roading and boating, you can choose to consider a different kind of RV or check into models made for holding toys in the fifth wheel.


There are different kinds of floor plans in fifth wheels because some have bedrooms, common living space, dining area, and others. All manufacturers have their floor plans to pick from, and the buyer is responsible for determining what suits their needs. There are floor plans have the living area in the front part of the fifth wheel compared to the normal one that has the bathroom on the front.

A lot of fifth wheels already come with slide outs that move sections of the trailer by pushing only a button to create more room. Some fifth wheels have four slide outs and it is advisable to figure out the size and features you can use by checking out the trailer. This lets you imagine how comfortable the travels will be in that RV.

Hooking it up and driving on the road

The process of hitching is one of the reasons why you need to consider buying a hitch, because in several ways, it is simpler compared to a rear-mounted hitch. Initially, you really do not need a spotter, but having someone there to guide you is much better. When you look over your shoulder, you can easily see two hitch jaws and the kingpin. You can begin by dropping the tailgate, and moving the hitch towards the pin to figure out if the two have the right height. If the two can match up, you might have to raise or lower the trailer with the front jacks.

Top 5 Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Reviews

CURT 16130 Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitch Review

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This one has a capacity of 20,000 and it never exceeds the vehicle weight rating. The dimensions are 30 x 17 x 15” and the weight is 140 pounds. It does not matter if you are towing the RV to anywhere because these fifth wheels are meant for big lifestyles. However, all this power needs a heavy-duty equipment for handling the job. This product has fifth wheel hitches that range across trailer weight capacity that ranges from 16,000 to 25,000 pounds. Accessories are provided and mounting options are necessary, including the OEM-capable rollers and adapters.


  • It looks good and the performance is awesome
  • I like its locking mechanism because it grabs the kingpin and clamps
  • Putting lines on the hitch is easy and since it tilts, there is no need to be precise because everything is in line
  • It installs perfectly on the Dodge Ram adapter frame


  • It can be hard to hitch and unhitch because it is heavy, but only because it means it is solid

I like it that the hitch is very solid and sturdy, but I need help when I need to unhitch it. That’s just a small problem and it is still an awesome one.

B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500 Review

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The fully articulating head allows the front and back side to pivot and there are three vertical adjustments ranging from 16.25” to 18.25”, 4” is the size of the front to back adjustments that come with three coupler angles. The Cam action latching can be handled for simple release, even when they are parked on uneven ground. It uses the B&W Turnoverball under-bed mounting system. The dimensions are 31 x 37 x 17” and the weight is 200 pounds.

B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch Installation Demonstration


  • It is very easy to setup and do adjustments and it looks great when you are doing simple operations
  • I did not have a hard time installing it because it only took minutes to do it
  • Heavy duty construction keeps it sturdy the whole time
  • I love the instructions because they are easy to follow and understanding it never gave me a hard time


  • The only thing I do not like about this is the weight because it is very heavy

It is very heavy, but that is just a minor concern for me. With the comfortability and ease of use I get with this product, I will not trade it for anything else.

Pro-series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch 15k Review

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It features a 4-way pivoting head that tilts to the side for 5 degrees so you can easily hook it up. It has rounded slide bar jaw mechanism and designed for automatic self-latching. There are 4 bolt rails and mounting kit included when you order it. The dimensions are 44.3 x 24.7 x 10.5” and the weight is 75.5 pounds. This hitch comes with a warranty of three years.


  • It installs well and works exceptionally because I am able to hook and unhook it right away
  • The slide bars are packed with strength and does not fail as much as dual jaws
  • The rails are of standard quality
  • Following the instructions is easy and I did not have a hard time assembling the hitch
  • The product uses a 5/8 inch carriage bolt on the rails instead of ½ inch ones that is similar to other rails
  • The strength is exceptional and it is enough to haul the heaviest trailer


  • I don’t like how the slide bars sound because they produce more noise compared to the jaws

It is a hitch that I think is perfect except for the noisy slide bars, but overall, product works great. Installation is pretty easy and does not take up a lot of your time.

B&W Trailer Hitches 3200 Patriot Fifth Wheel Hitch Review

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The product’s dimensions are 36 x 35 x 8” and the weight is 147 pounds. A hitch that you need to put together when it arrives and great bed rails. Solid weight and quality and has a capacity of 16,000 to 20,000 pounds. Great quality and the company is great to deal with.


  • The trailer almost hitches and unhitches itself so it is easy to use
  • There is no noise when I am traveling down the road so that does not distract me at all
  • The welding is very smooth and polished so it looks really awesome
  • It came in really well protected and there was no damage when I received the product
  • I can say that it is well-engineered based on how it looks and its performance while I am towing with it
  • Comes with a good powder coat


  • I don’t like the spring mechanism that was placed there for holding the hitch at a particular angle

This is one of the best hitches I bought and its weight is great because it is not as heavy as the other hitches in the market. The power coat does not disappoint because I know it will not fade right away.

REESE Elite 30142 Fifth Wheel 18000 Pounds Load Capacity Review

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Has a capacity of 18,000 or 45,000 for pin weight that has 14” to 18” vertical and 4-inch adjustment allowance from side to side. There is an extended length handle that is lockable and a ¼ turn handles mount system with a quick lock that lessens slop compared to a pin-mount system. Stamped head that pivots in 4 ways and a kingpin that is 9” wide.

This does not fit used truck beds that are shorter than 6 feet long unless a sidewinder is used. Does not fit trucks that have a side to side flare. It already comes pre-assembled and this saves about 1 hour of assembly time. There are folding tab washers for easy installation. The dimensions are 36.8 x 20.5 x 18.8” and the weight is 137 pounds


  • I have done five trips with this hitch and it is doing an awesome job
  • I find it easy to engage and release without producing any sound and I love that
  • I was scared at first because I thought it is hard to install, but I was surprised because I did not have a hard time doing so
  • Pulling it in and out is not hard, which means that it is also very easy to connect
  • I have a Ford F350 and it works perfectly with it


  • Requires more grease fittings because I had to apply lithium grease for the pivot points because it does not come lubricated enough

It is a little pricey but I am not complaining because it is all worth it. Having this product makes hitching easier and more fun. When I am on the road, I hardly feel its presence because it is so silent. It is a hitch that I will purchase again in the future if I need one again. It is pretty solid so I don’t think I will change it anytime soon.

Having a fifth wheel hitch is one of the best purchases you will ever make for your RV trailer. There are a lot of it in the market, but I assure that picking any of the five from the ones mentioned above will make you happy. They are the most solid among the others being sold today and after reading this review, you can make up your mind and buy one.

If you notice, they are all easy to assemble and install because I do not want you to have a hard time getting started, especially if it is your first time to buy a fifth wheel hitch. You will not regret taking my advice and all of them ships fast with an awesome customer service to answer all of your inquiries and questions about the product.

Even if you have been using them for quite some time, the quality is still the same and they will still look good even after a long trip. Others who bought these products can also say that it has made their fifth wheeler easy to manage because of how sturdy these hitches are. Go over the products listed again and buy that hitch you have been looking for.

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