Best ATV Snow Plow Reviews

In some countries, winter can be ferocious and harsh. Picture walking out of your door only to be welcomed by mounds of snow at your doorstep and as far as your eyes can see. It could mean you will not be able to walk down your driveway or even walk around your compound and even worse, not being able to drive correctly. It is at this point that a snow plow and an ATV come in handy.

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A snow plow is a device designed to serve the purpose clearing ice, snow and other materials from outdoor surfaces primarily used for traveling like sidewalks and pavements. The snow plow needs force to move it, and for that reason, it is specially designed to be mounted on vehicles especially ATVs. ATV snow plow is mostly used in commercial buildings parking lots, driveways, and pavements as well as residential houses to clear snow and ice for smooth movement. Knowing that blades have different designs and that the plow has various components of its dictates that there must be factors to consider before buying a snow plow.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Snow Plow 


The model, type and make of your ATV largely dictates the snow plow that is best and most efficient for your ATV. Getting a plow that does not go with your ATV for example, having a lightweight ATV go with a heavy-duty snow plow is risky and can pose a danger to the driver of the ATV as well as damaging the ATV's suspension. Weight is, therefore, a significant factor to consider when looking for a snow plow.


As is the norm with most things, different configurations of the same thing yield mixed results due to their design's advantages. Snow plows come in two models that are, straight-shaped and V-shaped. Though each of these designs has their distinctive strengths, the straight snow plow is the most common due its affordability and its lightweight nature. However, the V-shaped plow is more effective at slicing through the frozen snow due to its arrowhead design. 


The material is probably the most critical factor to consider before making a purchase. The quality of the material is directly proportional to the performance and efficiency of the snow plow. Most of the snow plows available in the market today are made from albeit and steel. The different varieties of steel available will because plows made of steel have different efficiency and performance. It is your work therefore to choose the snow plow best suited to meet your needs concerning its material.


This factor is profoundly influenced by one's personal preference as well as the size of your tractor and ATV. The width of your snow plow will significantly impact the amount of snow your shovel can handle or push away. It is therefore advisable that the width of your snow plow be compatible with the size of your ATV. It will help to avoid any accidents or damage to the vehicle. For instance, purchasing a snow plow bigger than your ATV would mean a bigger width that handles more snow than the ATV can handle hence higher chances of accidents as well as damage to the vehicle.


Tire and Thread Size 

Another essential factor to consider in an aim ensure safety when snow plowing. First of all, it is vital to provide that you’re ATV or tractor tires are all-terrain or better still snow terrain tires. It will ensure that you can move on the snow efficiently regardless of how thick it is. In addition to that, the right tires and tire tread provide that your ATV grips the snow surface firmly while plowing hence zero chances of slipping or sliding.

The Lift System

Snow plow lifting systems come in three major types namely, the direct lift hydraulic system, manual system, and the winch system. It is therefore essential to consider these lift system when purchasing a snow plow to avoid spending a fortune on a gadget that you might not use. Your type of plowing should also dictate the kind of lift you should work with. For instance, if you are doing commercial scale plowing, a direct hydraulic lift system would be useful. It will be safer for you as you will not have to keep jumping in and out of your ATV on a slippery surface as well as making your work easier. A winch or manual lift system is more efficient and reliable if you are engaging in home plowing. You will, however, need to angle and raise the plow manually or winch it up to start plowing. 

Blade Height

Most snow plow blades range from 16 to 24 inches in height. The shorter the blade, the less the surface area hence, the lesser the power required to push it around. If your ATV is a low power one, then a short blade would be the most reasonable one to go for. The opposite is exact when larger ATVs are concerned.


What work are you planning to engage in?

Your task at hand will significantly influence your plow choice. For example, if you want to plow a significant amount of snow from sidewalks that are usually somewhat narrow, you will see a small plow. It is because a compact plow can clear the whole area of snow without going over the edge of the sidewalk. Such a plow should be around four foot. On the other hand, wider plows are more efficient for private driveways. Finally, if you are planning on plowing a more rough terrain, a V-shaped plow will be better as it can quickly cut through snow as well as break trail.

The Type and Amount of Snow in Your Area

Different places receive different amounts of snow on average. There is another factor that you should not ignore. For example, if you live in Atlanta or Dallas, going all out for a plow will be wasteful. The amount of snow there will call for plowing 6 to 10 times in a whole winter season. On the other hand, people in Canada will need a plow that can handle 3 to 5 months of heavy and consistent plowing. It is therefore essential to consider what will be best for you between a snow plow and a salt spreader.


How much are you willing to part with for snow plow? I still insist that people always remain within their budget. You should not strain yourself because you have your eyes set on a particular brand of a snow plow. As much as we like to think that the more expensive something is, the better the quality, there are cheap brands of plows that do an outstanding job. As far as the budget is concerned, you can also ask yourself what will work for you better between a plow and a salt spreader.


There are several types of mounting options. Though some claim to be universal, most mounts are vehicle specific. There are two most common mounting styles namely, receiver pockets or front receiver mounts. Receiver pocket mounting options give you more stability as they have two points of contact. On the other hand, a receiver hitch mounting system sits higher hence providing you with more ground clearance. Unlike the receiver pocket, the receiver hitch has one point of contact.


Horse Power

Machines under 450cc should not use a snow plow above 54inches. Having in mind that the snow is heavy and the same goes for the plow itself, it goes without saying that your ATV needs the adequate power and weight bearing on the front wheels to work efficiently. Contrary to this, turning or pushing your snow plow when loaded will be impossible. 500cc and more machines can handle blades as big as 60inches.

Need For Auxiliary Plow Lights 

A raised plow blade will likely block your ATVs front signal lights and headlights. You, therefore, should make an effort to invest in auxiliary lights to help you remain visible to other people especially during nights or in a foggy snowing weather. It is important to remember that if your ATV is for use on private property only like parking lots and farms you are not legally required to have number plates. However, if during your private property plowing you will meander to a public road even momentarily, then you are required to have a number plate.

Top 5 Best ATV Snow Plows 

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After a lengthy discussion of a variety of other important factors as far as ATVs and snow plows are concerned, we are now going to take an in-depth look of the top five best snow plows that will go well with your ATV. They include;

1. Warn 79958 ProVantage 72inch side by side Straight Blade


This Warn 79958 ProVantage plow features a robust, sturdy and high strength 12 gauge steel blade that is reinforced with stiffening ribs for optimum durability.  The steel blade also has an extra power pivot system to enhance durability. This 12 gauge steel blade can be lifted using a lift actuator that has been attached to your ATV or a winch. Warn 79958 mounts are easy to put on as well as remove and they do not affect your ATVs clearance hence quality performance.

The strong and powerful plow comes in a straight design and has a blade with a width of 72 inches. It is made of quality steel hence assured durability. It is also coated to ensure it does not rust. 



  • It does not rust since it is powder coated
  • It is very rigid and powerful
  • It is made from high-quality steel material
  • High level of durability
  • It is a bit pricey.

2. Extreme Max 5500.5010 Uniplow One-Box ATV Plow


Extreme Max 5500.5010 Uniplow is a multi-position 16 inch high, and 50-inch wide steel blade plows with a 3/16 inch grade 50 gusseting. It also features a two-sided 3/16 grade 50 steel wear bar appended with grade 8 bolts and heavy-duty skid pads that are adjustable. It comes with all mounting hardware needed. Extreme Max mounts on the frame behind the wheel and not to the front frame or middle. It allows transfer of the plowing force to the ATVs frames hence efficient, smooth and powerful plowing. It has universal mounts that fit round, Polaris and square Sportsman frames.

Extreme Max 5500.5010 Uniplow has a strongly welded push tube design that allows convenient and quick installation. Extreme Max ATV plow has all its components polished with a black powder durable finish.

Extreme Max plow blades can be adjusted to close to 6 different sides. It highly improves efficiency since you can snowplow at any angle that best suits you at that particular time. Changing the edges can be quickly done using components close to ATV driver. Finally, Extreme Max has a quick release or un-mount system that allows you to detach your plow and use your ATV for other purposes.



  • It has anti- corrosion properties.
  • Its high-grade steel ensures durability
  • Has a convenient and quick installation
  • Easy to detach
  • ​​​​A bit pricey
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    Does not come with a winch

3. Swisher 2645R 50 inch Universal ATV Plow Blade


Swisher universal ATV plow is 50 inches wide by 22 inches high black plow blade. With this 50inch rolled blade and a 1/8 sheet construction allows terrain leveling as well as powerful snow breaking capabilities. Depending on tire size and ATV, Swisher plow has a lift height ranging from 18 to 24 inches for clearance. From a seated position, the controller can quickly change the angle of the plow.

Swisher 2645R also features a dual -locking angle that ensures that the plow stays in the place you set it. This plow is best suited for tough jobs due to its extra support construction hence heavy duty meaning it can use to move sand, gravel or dirt. For durability, the cutting edge is replaceable as well as reversible. Swisher can be used with an ATV winch or a universal manual lift. Swisher plow blade also fits in universal mounts, which allows easy attachment and removal.



  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • It discards vast amounts of snow in one move.
  • Extremely powerful
  • Very useful over large areas.
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    It has an excellent rugged and sturdy appearance
  • No universal mounting kit
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    Can be a bit too heavy for small ATVs

4. WARN 78950 ProVantage 50 inch Straight Plow Blade.


If you are in search of a good snow plow that will get your work done easily and quickly with excellent efficiency without parting with so much money, then Warn 78950 ProVantage 50 inch Straight Plow Blade is the way to go. It is a blade you do not want to forego. Warn 78950 is made from a high quality 12 gauge steel that is also ripped to increase sturdiness. 

Unlike other snow plows Warn 78950 can clear snow from different levels or heights. It features a center cross member that increases the rigidity of the plow as well as stability to your ATV hence efficient performance. The plow's spring system ensures relative tension when the ATV is on rough terrain.  Warn ProVantage can be adjusted to desired angles when working. It also features a pan, tilt and lifts protection that ensures that the plow does not clang when in different terrains. In case is encountering unwanted material, the plow features a no fiction finish that prevents the material from sticking or getting glued.



  • Very ideal for starters
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy installation and use
  • Does not come with a mounting kit hence an extra cost

5. Kolpin X-Factor Plow in a Box -10-0520


Kolpin X-Factor stands out from all other snow plows due to its forward mount feature that allows it a substantial blade lift that is higher than any other blade of the same nature.  The plow blade of a 14 gauge steel with a double layer of steel at the “X” or center. It will give you the 52inch blade extreme power to handle a large mound of snow.  This heavy-duty plow blade features three-piece steel as well as a tube steel frame that assures you as a buyer durability.

Kolpin X-Factor has an easy installation process that does not call for any welding or such technical activities. Instead, everything bolts together with easy instructions for step-by-step construction. Kolpin plow attaches to most ATV brands from 2002 to today. Its forward mount clamps to the toughest part of your ATV hence the plow gets all the power it needs. It also features an easy to handle on and off push tube. Kolpin plow can be moved to five directions and angles both left and right. Lastly, it has a double sided steel bar wear that prevents wear and tear.



  • Very powerful hence save up on time and energy
  • Highly flexible since it can be adjusted to five angles and directions
  • Has a universal fit
  • ​​​​Has increased clearance
  • check-circle
    Easy to assemble
  • Can be a little too expensive
  • check-circle
    Can be too heavy for some ATVs
  • check-circle
    Only fits ATV brands from 2002

What Is the Best Time for Snow Plowing?

If it were possible for you to get out and plow as the snow falls, then you would boast of excellent plowing success. It is however close to impossible. We all tend to go to sleep when it snows and wake up to white drifts all over, and large ones for that matter. If for some reason you can only clear up after the storm is finished, do not be in a rush. Do it steady but slow to minimize the chances of damaging your ATV.


What Are the Basic Accessories That Make Up a Snow Plow?

It is imperative to know the components of a snow plow to avoid confusion especially if you are new to snow plowing. Prior knowledge never did anyone wrong.

Mounting kit; this helps in the attachment of the plow to the ATV. Usually comes in threes that are from the front, the middle and the rear.

Skid plates or feet: These feet serve the purpose of reducing or instead preventing the blade's damage to the surface. It does these by keeping the blade slightly above the plane to ensure it does not scrape off the surface. They are mostly used when plowing granite driveways to avoid damaging the granite and in the process scraping it off.

Blade: Different snow plows come with blades of different sizes. The sizes range from as small as 42inches to 78 inches. There are two main blade designs namely the V-shaped design and the Straight design. Either of these designs can, however, be tapered or not. Snow plow blades are mostly made of Polyurethane, Aluminum or Steel.

Push Tubes: This is the component that aids the attachment of the snow plow to your ATV. It does this by extending all the way to the front after being attached to the mounting bracket. Its protrusion to the front is what facilitates the attachment of the plow to your ATV or tractor.

Optional or Additional Snow Plow Components 


These additional components do not come as part of the plow but can be used together with it to make your work easier and more efficient. Most of them are aftermarket, and therefore you have to learn about how to integrate them into the working of your snow plow. Some of these additional components include;

Power Lifts: In the absence of a winch, power lifts can be used to facilitate the movement of your snow plow in up and down motions.

Blade Maker: These makers come in handy during tight movements. The blade makers are attached to the ends of the blade to help determine the blade side’s location when the snow plow is in steady progress.

Winch: These makes your snow plowing more manageable by adding your snow plow’s lifting power capacity

Wear Bars: Helps reduce irritating sounds and noises as well as preventing the blade's wear and tear.

Power Blade Rotators: This component allows the plow operator to angle the plow from his seat in just a push of a button. It is an advantage over the manual lift.

Plow Wings Or Shields: Plow shields are very important in keeping the blade edges in good working condition as well as helping in the movement of snow to desired location or direction.

Manual Lift: In addition to helping in the evacuation of snow, the manual lift while adequately attached to the push tubes, lifts and lowers the plow with the utilization of leverage. For easy movement, this action requires approximately 25lbs of pressure.

Plow Weight Bars: These weight bars are typically attached to the top of the blade to increase its downforce.

Rubber Plow Flaps: Besides adding or increasing your plow's height, rubber plow flaps ensure that the plowed snow rolls forward just in front of the blade.

Does the ATV Matter during Snow Plowing Anyway 

Of course the type of the ATV you use matters. Think of it this way; snow terrain is not normal terrain hence specific unique features will be required to make driving and to plow a successful operation.  Therefore, for traction on the snow, an all-terrain vehicle with good snow terrain tires is vital.

Snow plowing might be mistaken for an easy task that does not require much. As easy as it may seem to you, it is critical to have in mind that you are on a snowy terrain and traction is therefore very important. If by any chance you are tempted to use a lightweight, 350cc engine power ATV be ready to face a lot of traction setbacks. You might need to add some weight to the back racks to make up for the absence of weight and grunt needed on a snow terrain.

Having this in mind, you will see that though a bit expensive, heavyweight, 500cc engine power ATV is the best for maximum traction and push power.  It is, therefore, a worthwhile investment that will last you a long time. Such a poky engine will assure you more fun whenever you are using your ATV for leisure.

Knowing that snow has been falling all night and that plowing it will not be as easy, opting for an ATV with significant engine power will be easy for you. No one wants to keep going back and forth trying to clear snow on a snowing winter morning because using an underpowered ATV.

Be Patient as Well As Careful

Damaging your ATV, blade or causing an injury is the last thing you need when plowing.  As is the norm with most equipment, ensure proper maintenance of your snow plow machinery to get the best from it.

In the same way, when in the plowing process, make sure you handle your machinery with care to avoid problems from actually happening in the first place. For instance, if you are managing a mound of snow, there is no way you will ran your blade forcefully and at high speed into the snow mound and expect it to remain in good shape. If anything, what you will likely get is a damaged ATV, bent blade and or even injuries. But if you instead decided to work layer by layer until you can handle the mound, you will not have any damages that will cost you more in the long run.

Always Counter Check Your Machinery Before You Start the Snow Plow

With proper care, ATVs like any other equipment or machinery will serve you a long time. Extreme weather conditions often cause mechanical and technical problems that would otherwise not be seen in moderate weather conditions. Therefore, checking your equipment and or vehicle before using it will save you the hefty bills that could arise from the failure of doing the same.  

Ensure that everything is in its rightful place and most especially that all cables are intact before plowing. Also, ensure that all plow part are as tight as they should avoid accidents that may cause by loosely fitted pieces.

What Are the Best ATV Brands for Snow Plowing? 


Though we are talking about the best snow plow for ATV, it is essential that we also talk about the most suited ATV brands for snow plowing. No matter how good your snow plow is, without a proper ATV then all its goodness will go to waste. In addition to that, these two types of machinery depend on each other and can never work alone as far as snow plowing is concerned. The goal is therefore to make a perfect match of the snow plow and the ATV for best results.

There are very many manufacturers out there all of who manufacture ATVs that work efficiently in most weather conditions. However, when it comes to handling snow, you can confidently rely on either of these manufacturers for worthy UTVs;

  • Suzuki
  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Kawasaki
  • Polaris

Though they are not the only ones made to handle snowy terrains, you can be sure that they lead in the market for a reason. With a good ATV all, you have with worry about a snow plow that is compatible with it and matches its high-level performance. 

Final Take

From this article, you pretty have all the information you need to guide you into purchasing the right snow plow for your ATV.  It is, however, essential to know that you have to look for what will work best for you, what will be a good investment on your side and what will give you the results you desire. It is important to be practical when making your final decision. The goal is to clear your driveway or parking lot so do not just go with the flow. Go for what will work for you. Always remember that what will most likely work for another person elsewhere will not necessarily work for you too.

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