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The right RV surge protector for you can be found in this post because you are given options based on what you need.

Having an RV and using it for traveling entails that you have to use several sources of power, and those sources have to deliver good power. This means that it doesn’t have faulty grounds, has the right frequency, legs are not disconnected, and the voltage is just right or maybe it has a neutral condition. You can be like others and carry the voltage meter, but that does not give enough protection because the condition can shift while it is plugged. The best thing you can do is to use an RV surge protector. There are RV surge protectors given in this post to help you pick the best.

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Things to Look for When Selecting Surge Protector

  • Size

To get the right size, check its Amp rating first. What is indicated on the surge protector points out the kind of power you will most likely use when you plug your RV. One option is to get an adapter to use the input power when you are at a park where you don’t have enough power supply. Although, you should not get a large or small amperage and constantly adjust the power by using adapters. Pick a surge guard that is appropriate for your application and this is going to lessen the risk of overheating, fire, and other electrical problems.

  • The rating

You need to observe the protection rating and the measurement comes in joules. The most popular way of rating the amount of protection is to check the rating of the joule. When there is too much energy because of spikes or wrong supplies try to enter the coach, the Surge Guard does its job and dissipates the additional energy into heat, and this is to protect you from any danger that may occur.

  • The type of surge protector
  • The first kind of RV protector is only a surge protector. It will plug into the power of the pedestal found in an RV site and it’s been programmed to give protection against large surges. It gives protection against lightning strikes, and that’s all. It does not give protection against shifting voltage conditions nor faulty wiring detection. The basic surge protector is better than not having anything, but it will not help with electrical problems other than big voltage spikes like the ones that come from lightning strikes. There are two models for this: 30 amp and 50 amp. It is ideal to buy the ones made by known brands because they already have a good record for their warranty and customer support.
  • The second kind is the basic protector that comes with an indicator for faulty wiring. These indicators are good because you don’t have to plug your RV into a pedestal that has a faulty wiring or has been damaged and could shock you. These are an upgrade from the basic one, but they also don’t have protection against shifting voltage conditions. 30 and 50 amp models are also available for this.
  • Complete protector for RVs is the third type and these protectors can prevent damage caused by large spikes in voltage, high and low conditions, as well as faulty wiring. Since majority of the electrical damage comes from low or high voltage conditions instead of power surges, and this is the best kind of power surge protector to buy. They cost a lot more than the first two, but they have more features.

Top 5 Best RV Surge Protector Reviews

Progressive Industries EMS-PT30C Portable EMS RV Surge Protector Review

Best of The Best - Best Portable Surge Protector

It has over and under voltage protection with open neutral, open ground, and detection and prevention for reverse polarity. It comes with a 240V accidental protection, which is higher than some surge protectors with AC frequency protection. One of its features is time delay and weighs 4 pounds. The warranty is lifetime and it is for the parts.



  • There is a built-in lock bracket and this secures the unit to the source of power to keep it from being stolen
  • Will constantly test shore-power surges, cycle, and low and high voltage
  • Display is very easy to read
  • There are extra diagnostics on this unit that I like, especially with the amps display because it helps me find out how many devices are simultaneously running
  • No delays in shipment
  • Works according to the description
  • Easy to install and plug because it didn’t take too much of my time
  • Works even under wet weather


  • Weighs a little heavier than others

It is an RV surge protector that does its job well and I love how I can secure it to the power source so that it will not get stolen. It has saved me a couple of times and I know I can rely on this product for a long time because it has a lifetime warranty. The over and under voltage protection is another feature that is very useful. Even if it is a little pricey, I would still recommend this product to anyone who wants to get a peace of mind when using their RV for camping and they are not sure of the power source. It’s one of my favorites in this list. Although, it weighs more than some RV surge protectors, that is only a small concern because I am more focused on the benefits and this product can give me. I become almost worry-free when I know it’s what I am using.

Progressive Industries SSP30 Smart Surge Review

Best basic RV surge protector


It is 120V/30A with 3 modes of use and 826 joules of energy. With 30,000 amps of power and weighs 1.8 pounds, which is lighter than most surge protectors. The product comes with a warranty for parts.


  • Reasonable price
  • Works great even after 6 months
  • The weight is good and lighter than most
  • Indicator lights give a correct display
  • Arrives in excellent condition
  • No loose terminals
  • Simple to use and easy to install
  • The manufacturer will fix it for free even if it’s not their fault
  • Product works according to what is being advertised


  • The LED screen needs to be brighter because it can be difficult to read in the dark

I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a basic RV surge protector because the price is reasonable and I can use it for several trips. It works according to what is advertised and will not mislead you. I never experienced getting grounded while using this RV surge protector. I would buy this again if it wears out.

Technology Research 44270 Surge Guard 50 Amp Surge Protector Review

Best RV surge protector with faulty wiring indicator

It is a portable TRC surge protector with 50 amps of power and can be used for both travel trailers and pop-ups. The protector will automatically look for power issues and then provide protection. It has a circuit analysis for pedestal power verification and this portable surge protector is weather resistant. It comes with power adapters that can be plugged into the pedestal and line cord that protects the RV from faulty power.



  • Product arrives on time
  • The customer support is very attentive and will fix the issues right away if needed
  • Indicates the power problem well
  • Great value for the price and it serves its purpose
  • Gives a peace of mind to the RV owner
  • It saved my RV from a lightning strike
  • Works as described and easy to install
  • Instructions are clear
  • Can be used in different parks and does not malfunction
  • Gives additional electrical protection
  • I feel better hooking up a motor home when I have this
  • Indicator lights give me more security


  • The product is quite heavier than some RV surge protectors

I like this protector because it is portable and I will never become a victim of faulty wiring. When I went camping, there was lightning. Luckily, I had this with me and my RV was saved. I also like the indicator lights because they are easy to understand and I know right away what the issue is. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a portable RV surge protector that will keep from using a faulty wiring because that can be dangerous. The price is also reasonable and its functionality will surprise you when it is being used at an RV campsite.

Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C Portable Electrical Management System Review

Best Complete RV Power Protector


The cable and displays are already inside the device and it gives protection for both high and low voltage. There is time delay for air condition compressors and offers neutral protection to regulate power accordingly. The product has frequency protection for and also for 220V in case of accidental situations. Warranty is offered for the parts.


  • Small footprint that is essential for my RV
  • Remote display does not consume too much space
  • Long cable makes it easily attachable to my compartment
  • Great technical support
  • Easy to install on your own and comes with clear instructions
  • Comes with plug in modules for replacement
  • Works according to what is advertised
  • Gives a peace of mind while traveling
  • Correct display is very helpful
  • The quality justifies the price
  • Ideal for new RVs


  • Challenging to install

The best thing about thing product is the display and technical support because they responded quickly when I had questions about installation. My RV is new and this is a protector I would recommend for people who just bought their RV. Even if it costs a bit more, I never regretted buying this because it has helped me a lot and it never malfunctioned since the day I bought it.

Technology Research (34520-002) 120 Volt 30 Amp Hardwire Surge Guard Review

Best hardwire surge guard

This TRC 30 amp surge guard that is hardwired with 120V and 30,000 amps of power. It automatically resets in case power needs to be restored and shuts off automatically in case these appear: Open neutral; lower than 102 and 132 volts. The surge suppression has multiple modes, 30 amps hardwire surge protector, 2450 joules with protection from power surge; height is 14.25”, width is 6.13”, and length is 14.25.” There is a caution light indicator for mis-wired pedestal with elevated voltage from the ground and has reverse polarity. The 128 seconds reset delay offers protection for AC compressor.



  • Good protection for solid state components
  • Light weight
  • Did not have a hard time installing the product
  • Does a perfect job for lightning strikes
  • Instructions are well written and easy to follow
  • Product works as expected
  • Provides great electrical protection for electrical components of the RV


  • Takes a little time after actuation

It saved me one time from a lightning strike because it did not hit anything else except for the RV surge protector. I would buy this product again even if it takes a little time after actuation because I need to wait 2 to 3 minutes. The benefits are great and it has saved me a few times already. I want great protection and to make sure, I would consider this protector again. I am also advising others to buy this too.

Surge protector safety precautions

  • Use RV surge protectors indoors and only in dry locations
  • Make sure that you don’t exceed the surge protector’s electrical rating
  • Do not use the RV surge protector with aquariums or other products associated with water
  • If a power cord comes with the surge protector, unwind it before use and make sure not to cover it. Do not allow your pets to go near the power cord
  • When you are using a surge protector with devices like power tools or other appliances, make sure that the amperage requirements of the device is met and will be able to take the current that the device is using

Inspect the electrical system

  • Begin inspection with the electrical cord that is used to connect the RV to the power source at the park. Check if there is 20, 30, or 50 amps and if the park offers the amps you need. If the system has 50 amps, make sure that you use a step-down cord to lessen the amps from 50 to 30
  • Inspect the cord if there are any damages, cracks, breaks, and cuts where plug can be connected to the cord, crumbling or a feeling of stickiness is an indicator of serious wear
  • Check if the plugs prongs are secure and intact, or if they are wiggling. See if they are bent and if the ground prong is intact

Fuse boxes and circuit breakers

  • You should know where they are
  • See if there are marks to indicate what they are controlling
  • Try to see if it is a replacement breaker of fuse
  • Are corrosion signs or deterioration?
  • Inspect if they need to be repaired
  • Check if all of them are working properly
  • The breakers have to be flipped on and off

Before you plug the RV at the park

Line voltage – Buy and use a line voltage meter or gauge, and also a tester for polarity. These do not cost much and will warn you before damage happens.

The polarity tester should be used for checking the shore power before plugging anything into it. There is a light system in the polarity tester that will indicate if the shore power has faulty wiring so you can go to another site.

When it is already plugged in, check the inside of the outlet to make sure that the line voltage belongs to the safe zone, which is between 105 to 130 volts. You can leave a voltmeter with three prongs in an outlet so it will keep on monitoring and will remind you that it needs to be often checked.

Preparation for emergency

You need to have candles, flashlights or lanterns. If there is the moon, it is almost impossible to perform repair inside or outside. Together with additional fuses and circuit breakers used as replacements, surge protectors might be able to save your system from any electrical fluctuations in the park. It is wrong to think that just because your 30 amp RV is connected to a 50 amp power source, it can be used to run any appliance. There is still a limit of 30 amp.

You were given safety precautions so that you’ll know how to take care of the RV surge protector you are going to buy. Choosing from any of the products is one thing, but knowing how to take care of it is another consideration. Remember that spending a little on a surge protector can save your RV and sometimes it can keep yours from danger.

The products listed are my top choices because I have been using RV surge protectors for years and I am equally happy with any of them. The product you will choose among the best surge protectors above depends on what you need. Make sure to check them out, especially if it is your first time to buy because you will not end up being disappointed.

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